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On Trend with Precious Polka Dots

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Whether they are straight laced polka dots or a jagged ikat version… get ready because…this… is… happening. That’s right! Already creeping into fashion and accessories, this trend is about to get big. Will it replace the Chevron, Zig Zag, Ikat or Ombre that have hung on so dearly for the last year or more? Well that I can’t comment on, because I personally still love every single one of those trends (things die hard for me, what can I say). What I will say is that I predict this pattern to be a fun one that style embraces quite well. In honor of this new trend, yet not new at all pattern and very timeless look, I thought I would share a few of my faves from around the interwebs… and of course a few of my fave DIY inspirations and items available for purchase so you can bring this dotty fun into your own home.

And of course if you want a lot more dotted inspiration, check out my Dotty pinterest board!

You know I love a good DIY project, so these quite tickle my fancy… Easy and such a big impact, don’t you think?

Of course I can never pass up a cute purchase, and these dotty dolls are to die for!

What do you think? Will you rock some polka dots? I would love to see if you do or already are…

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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