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A Little Luv For Your Outdoor Living Space in Citron

04.24.13 By //
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I'm dreaming of a magical outdoor space, and those of you who are still in the throws of winter like weather are very likely doing the same! Bring on the sunshine and the amazing outdoor decor while you are at it, Mother Nature…

Since we are in a new home, I am obviously going to decorate each and every new space in an entirely different way, duh… In the words of my East Asian friends and bretheren… “Same Same, Only Different”. Yup. This is of course because I simply can't afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe for my home, and I will be using many of the same pieces, only in an entirely new and different way! Yay! 

I have some fairly major projects going on in every single room of my home and yard, at the very same moment, cuz I like to keep things interesting… and chaotic of course. 

So today I am going to share some of my crazy pants ideas for my outdoor living space and courtyard (I have a courtyard that my home wraps around and that connects to the back yard….squeeeeellll, isn't that genius!!!). AND… I'm sharing another amazing thing with you fine friends… a new obsession of mine and one I hope you will love as much as I do (I already know you will, but let's just play it humble shall we?)! This little gem is call Luvocracy and it's awesome-sauce! It's by invitation only, so I am extending all of you gorgeous people that invitation right here! No waiting in line for you guys… cool right?

So you know how you guys all ADORE Pinterest? Ya, me too… well this new thang is a bit like Pinterest if it were to marry and have babies with Amazon's Afilliate Program. Yep, it's a shopping and recommendation site that acts like Pinterest but that allows you to earn commission for your amazing taste. I KNOW you all have amazing taste. And just in case you don't, or you aren't sure if you do, you can join and follow my personal recommendations for furnishings and decor! Things that I simply can't live without! Can I get a YAHOO!!

You don't have to be a blogger to use this venue, and still your friends and family can see the fabulous things you are dying to have and can purchase them too, based on your recommendation that they do so! Commission earned, baby cakes… LOVE that, don't you?

So you know those Mood Boards I like to create for you all (read…myself)? Well now they will be made and entirely shopable for those of you who love them as much as I do. AWESOME!! 

So come on over using this exclusive invite, (and no I am not affiliated in any way shape or form, this is just pure unadulterated love of the authentic kind) and check out what I'm loving now… Trust my taste while you are at it and you will always be 'in the know'! 


This Mood Board is created using items from my Outdoor Living Board. If you fall in love with something, go ahead and browse the board and buy if you like! I won't be madatchya! In fact I will be excited cuz I will earn a small commission and that is just plain rockin'…

I will be sharing a new outdoor design plan with you all in the next few days! Think pink… cuz it's definitely happening! 

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