Using a Bandsaw to Minimize Teeth Marks

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I tossed out the idea of investing in a table saw and instead bought a bandsaw.  I think a good choice. My first project with the bandsaw was an “end-grain cutting board”  inspired by the Wood Whisperer and one of his videos.  I am not going to Showcase this cutting board even though I think it looks pretty good.  I made it from Purple Heart and Hard Maple that I had to buy mail order from Arizona of all places.

The bandsaw was great but I have teeth marks that are just too hard to sand away so I am leaving them in as if the cutting board is like pre-washed jeans people pay a premium for.  My cutting board is pre-cut.

Does anyone have any suggestiions on the purchase of a bandsaw blade or how I use the bandsaw that will minimize saw marks.  I love the process of building the cutting board and the final results so I may make some more for presents.  Just less expensive wood!

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