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Outdoor Living Space and Tiki Brand Fire Sculpture

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This post brought to you by TIKI Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

I had a funny (or not so funny, really) experience recently… it involved a giant jug of bubbles and a fire sculpture… ask me who won? I wasn't me, that's for certain, at least not at first. It seems that the soapy ingredient in bubbles, mixed with water, doesn't create the perfect environment for fire, or fire related ambiance… who knew? Let's just say that I'm quite surprised and utterly thrilled that my Tiki Brand Fire Sculpture not only survived, but thrived even… after a decent amount of cleanup and some major drying out, of course. eek…

Remember when I published 2 outdoor living decor options, here and here? Well I am super duper excited to say that one of these looks is very much under way! My outdoor space is so important to me since I adore being outdoors, but you guys… I have never actually had a real grown up outdoor space! I was having trouble deciding on which color scheme to go with, right up until I realized I have two separate and distinct outdoor spaces… duh! I can do both! yahoo! 


The first space I am tackling will be the living space with sofa and chairs and it will have the pink, peach, red and purple color scheme you see above along with the furniture… yay! The Tiki Brand Fire Sculpture will live in this space too and is the perfect addition to add a bit of that relaxing vacationy vibe I hope to achieve! Now I just need to settle on a rug or two (layering is cool) and get this party started. No really, like actually started… 

You can purchase the bad boys (TIKI Brand Fire Sculptures) at The Home Depot or follow TIKI Brand on Facebook, and of course they are well priced at between $50-$100. This replace the more traditional idea of a series of small tiki torches and acts as a fabulous piece of decor as well! Now I will get real with you for a quick minute. I am actually terrified of fire. So suffice to say that putting this together (the cleaning it up) and getting it lit were a bit of the scary side for me. It was one of those band-aid moments where you just need to rip that thing off and dive right in, and of course it was so simple and not scary in the least. Always works out like that, but at least initially I was petrified when my husband was out of town and I had to do this myself! yikes.. but seriously easy peasy. I have included a short video showing just how easy it was, yay! enjoy… 

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All of the sources found in the moodboard can be found here! and purchased if you like! 

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