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Thrifting: Off to Denios We go

05.08.13 By //
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This post brought brought to you as part of my monthly partnership with Denio’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

There really is nothing quite like the hunt… It’s thrilling… it’s invigorating… it’s pure bliss for a gal like me. You see, nothing gets me more excited than the idea that I get to browse acres and acres of ‘retail’ in search of unique home decor items for a fraction of the price! Seriously…the idea gets me moving in the morning and is also how I look at DIY projects. When I seek inspiration and come up with an idea that I can reproduce for a fraction of the price, it’s the greatest thrill of all! It’s all about the satisfaction of improving my surroundings, and of course by improving I often mean decorating… duh.

My recent trip out to Denios, that local slice of heaven for me was the best yet. Not because I found the best items, but because in the warmer months the vendors are in rare form! There were almost double the fabulous number of vendors (that is saying a lot since there are always tons anyhow) and the produce, oh the produce… my goodness it was off the charts. If you follow me on Instagram you may have gotten a sneaky peaky of my exploits and seen the beautiful colors from the produce section, and if you don’t follow me there… well you should! I have cute kids and I post lot’s of pictures of them.

My winnings for the day included the school chair you see above and that amazing vintage jeep with the perfect amount of rust! I have big plans for both, but one will be getting a super duper fun makeover… bet you can’t guess which. Stay tuned for all the details on that…

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