DIY Dachshund Pillow Using Silhouette Heat Transfer and a Promotion

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My boy loves doggies… and kitties… and all animals in general. When it came time to test out the heat transfer product, I knew a little something for my biggest boy was just the thing. Besides, I'm kind of partial to animals myself (read: totally obsessed bleeding heart).

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Oky dok, so let's get started on this project, shall we? I have to say this was my fastest project yet with this fabulous machine. Part of that is because I'm finally starting to get the hang of things, and the other part is simply that this product is a quick one from start to finish! 

I chose this cute doggy image because my own doggy is part dachshund and I thought my boy would love the idea of having Percy on a Pillow. I placed the image into my silhouette studio program and enlarged it a bit so it almost fit the screen. I set my print features to heat transfer material smooth surface and it gave me a blade cut number of 2. The instructions suggest to place the material (which comes in many colors and even several that are flocked, yahoo) into your Silhouette without a cutting mat, so that my friends… is precisely what I did.

You always want to center your material with or without a mat, between the two white roller ball thingys and make sure the edges are actually going to roll right under those, since it will keep your material feeding straight and it won't get crazy on you (yes, this happened to me).

A few screeches later, this baby was cut and ready to peel out. You should peel away the negative space first, then use this handy dandy hook to remove the small cut away portions on the inside of your shape. 

Flip your material over so the sticky side is facing down (your image should now be facing the proper direction, especially if you are using a word) and press in place just a tad. 

With your iron set to the appropriate heat setting for your fabric, iron the material in place with a cloth in between your material and your iron, making sure to apply pressure to each section of your image for at least 60 seconds or so. This part is crucial or your image won't stick properly.

Peel off the plastic backing slowly to be sure the material has transferred and if not go back over any sections that need touching up. If your image is secure, you are good to go and you are finished with your project. See how fast that was? It was even fast to describe the steps! Yay for fast.

Now run don't walk to order some of this fab stuff and be sure to enter 'CONFIDENTIAL' at checkout for your discount! 

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