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Do You Chairish Your Furniture and Decor

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This is not a sponsored post, my friends… but a very cool thing you must know about!

I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Anna, the founder of Chairish, a couple of weeks ago and I'm dying to share some of the deets of that convo with you guys! I think you will be pretty excited about the prospects just like I am…

Born out of the desire to sell (and buy) gently used pieces from and for her own home so that she might update her surroundings without the drama and difficulty that comes from selling (and buying) on EBay and Craiglist, Anna decided it was time for something new. Her amazing hubby thought she was on to something fabulous and I completely agree! Together the amazing duo set out to create Chairish, the most fabulous way to shop for items that are 'for sale by owner' in a drama free zone.

So here is how it works and why I'm kind of in love with the concept…

It's an amazing resource for buying those pieces we all covet and want in our homes, that is the 'no brainer' portion of this site, and what you are greated with upon visiting. It's filled with fabulously curated with pieces that are stylish and in good condition, marked down to reasonable prices… BUT, it also houses pieces that are perfectly primed for rehabbing and I know many of you love a good project! No more sifting through millions of listings to find the one, slightly decent option – all items are showcased with pictures and details so you know exactly what you are getting and they can all be shipped anywhere in the US with shipping prices easily identifyable and spelled out. In many cases there are even local pickup options, which for a cheapskate like me, is perfection. No shipping trickery happening here, and I love that. You won't bid on an item that is $5.00 and then come to find it's $1200 to ship. It just won't happen like that.

Now here is the cool part and the flip side of this coin…

For those of us who tire easily of our furnishings and decor, but feel trapped by our trappings, Chairish makes it easy to dispense of your items with absolutely no hassle. You aren't confined to local listings, as you are with Craigslist, in order to sell your heavy and large items. You don't need to dive into the difficulties of getting approval to sell on EBay and you don't have to deal with the tricky aspects of shipping, can I get a yahoo? 

Basically they have a network of white glove movers who pick your items up from your house and transport them seamlessly to their new homes! Easy Peasy. They figure out the cost and you do nothing on that end!

I have to be honest here, the shipping aspect of selling things is the most intimidating, but being limited by local listings is also not my fave. For instance my gorgeous leather sofa didn't even get a hit on Craigslist and that sucker was listed at a steal. It's just a hindrance and I can't buy or make new pieces for my home while I have these things weighing me down. It's just not practical. 

Now here is the supa dupa cool option… for anyone who wants a more concierge like service, you can have them provide a few extras like coming out to snap the photos for you and even storing your items for your while they sell! That my friends is rockin' for those of you who might be moving or for some reason need to physically move your furniture or decor out of your home to make way for something else… Love this, truly truly love this…. This super charged option is currently available in SF and LA and will spread like wildfire throughout the US so that any of you might soon be able to super charge your Chairish experience as well. For the rest of us, the site, the items, and the selling venue are absolutely fabulous and I can't wait to try it out and make way for some new furniture in my own home! yahoo…

Go and browse, I know you will love this…

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