Penn’s 5th Montly Photo For March 2013

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March was a really hard month for me. I lost my grandma that month and on top of having a baby, a 5 year old who is a borderline Tasmanian Devil, moving to a new house, work, and the SNAP conference to prep for, things didn’t go as planned and I never got around to taking the Bird’s monthly photo. So of course I never got around to sharing them. Needless to say I’m still playing catchup for the last several months on things that have fallen by the wayside, but this is a priority and I shall be attempting to get the next several months edited and shared sometime this year (sarcastic, but not really, he might be 5 by the time I finish).

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I love seeing his photos side by side. It’s such an amazing gift (to myself) to see this photo collage as a non traditional growth chart of sorts…

Excuses aside, I think this baby bird gets cuter by the day and even though I’m not entirely in love with the set up for this photo shoot, I adore his cute little bashful smile and the look on his face after he pulled down a ribbon and decided to give it a taste. Cutest bird in the West. Adore this baby boy, he is growing too fast.

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