Builders Showcase: Jake's Picnic Table Canopy

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I happened to comment to Cher and Rayan that I wanted to build a canopy for my picnic table but since I could not find plans I would have to come up with my own approach.  Their reply “can't wait to see what you come up with” became a challange to impress my favorite DIYers.  Not sure I did but the Japanese sushi restaurant inspired result is in the picture.  I think it came out looking good – so says my neighbor.


Basic and crude to stay true to the style of the picnic table.  Roof is set at 12 degrees and is made of fence cedar boards.  Most difficult part was attaching the canopy to the table.  I used hurricane straps that I found and used two six inch carraige bolts from the bottom of each vertical support to give added strength.  Even with those precautions I will add more support to handle the South Texas winds.

Estimated Cost 

About $60 when you consider the paint cost $20.

Length of Time 

Two afternoons.


Added hurricane strapping at the point of the roof and to support the verical columns.

Lumber Used 

Pine, fir studs, and cedar fencing

Finishing Technique 

Spray painted with Rust-o-leum

I plan to add additional bracing but the form of which is not set in stone.  Probably just the usual triangular brace but I wanted to think about it a while.

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