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Currently Crushing On: Rock N Roll Ephemera

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I have pretty much always been a little bit ‘rock n roll’ when it comes to my style sensibility. I like things with a bit of an edge to them. This might mean design with high contrast, or neon, perhaps even a little 70’s glam or vintage around the edges, and I’m definitely into a bit of that global vibe infused into a space which essentially encompass the edgey rock n roll style. Today I’m sharing some semblance of my design plan for my kitchen nook with you guys. And it’s wild… to be sure.

I suppose I feel like if you aren’t willing to design with gusto, guts, and a bit of glam, you should just sit on the bench and not even play. After all, it’s when your design pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone that you will ultimately love your space best. So here we are, back to the subject at hand, which of course is my rock ‘n roll nook. This might be a little wild and crazy for many of you… heck, probably most of you… but take a page from my book and think about those things you love a ton, but might be a little afraid to do in your space, and then go for it full speed ahead and don’t look back. It’s exhilarating, and you will be rewarded immensely in the personal accomplishment department.

If you remember this article here (yes from like 3 days ago), I shared a small corner in my nook and while it might not initially seem related to the plan above, trust me it is… kind of. You can see a few items that translate from the mood board to real life, at the very least.

So far, I have installed this light fixture you see above, thanks to Golden Age USA. I have a zinc table similar to the one you see in the mood board, and a couple of the beach scenes in the collected groupings of art. I also have fabric ordered and en route for curtains, and a glam metal table that isn’t shown above but can be seen here. Now for the sad face portion… this rug which I covet so much, is discontinued….

Womp, womp, womp. I know right? It’s sooooo good. I guess it will have to be a DIY project, which is kind of a bummer since the plush feel of this carpet would have been awesome-sauce. Crap. Oh well. I shed a few tears when I found out. Then a few more each week since. DIY could work for it, but it isn’t my preference for once.

Now let’s get to the fun part, shall we? That would be the complete source list so far, in case you weren’t sure…

Also, if you would like to browse all of the other things I have been crushing on, click here.

1. Various Art: 20×200, Lips (might have to be a DIY inspired by Made by Girl with a yellow hue or gold), Laila K (not sure if it’s an image that is for sale, but I hope so), Unknown (if you know please help)

2. Tie Die Curtains: DIY Project?

3. Crystal Chandelier

4. Various Art: 20×200Amarylis Truth

5. Yellow Tolix Chair: Given the price of these from Target, this might be a good candidate for a sprayed finish

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig

7. Cheetah Rug

8. Zinc Table: I purchased mine from Crate & Barrel, but this version I like to is identical (and much cheaper, yay!)

Items not shown above that will live in this room:

Wooden Pot: Viva Terra, Frames: Ikea, Side Table: Target

I was provided with items from Golden Age USA as part of my partnership with them. All opinions, designs, and craziness are my own!

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