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Design Moments: My Outdoor Oasis

07.16.13 By //
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For those of you who have been reading this old blog for longer than a week or so, you might recognize this space above from a previous article, here. If so, then yahoo for sticking around! If not, welcome and let me catch you up a tad. You see this is one of several outdoor living spaces we have at our new house. I will be sharing more details with you about our move and our new casa in the coming weeks (fingers crossed), but I wanted take a minute and rewind a tad to share some of the sources for this space! Quite a few of you commented and emailed the last time I did this, here and adamantly stated you want more, more, more… so you shall have exactly that! As always, this space is still evolving and will probably change quite a bit before it's finished… and then I begin again and change everything. But, I will jump right on in… As you can see, I am staying somewhat true to my original plan of attack posted here. Of course, nothing ever ends up quite as planned and of course this colorway is for the sitting area and not the dining area, in real life, but it's not to far off, eh?

Indoor Outdoor Rug: World Market (note: this has not survived well after only a few weeks and will need to be replaced for sure)

Loveseat and Chairs: World Market 

Concrete Color Blocked Tables: DIY

Pillows: Target: this and this

Oversized Urns: Closing Sale for a Local Boutique

Plants: Canna

Items I would still like to add or have added and not photographed (eek):

Fire Pit

Pillows, Pillows

New Rug: which I haven't chosen yet.

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