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Easy to Make DIY Gold Glam Striped Curtains

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This was one of those projects where context is the make or break of the result. You see, I made these curtains and they were super duper simple and I LOVED them, but when I hung them in my family room the result was a little bit…’Liberace called, and he wants his curtains back’… if you know what I mean! Frustrated, I decided to try them in my Master Bedroom. Since I had punched the clock on this project having to discard them would have been oh so sad, luckily they were dreamy in their new home and voila, a bit more like Kate Spade than Liberace. Done deal… and now I love them.

This project is easy to replicate for any of you at home and you can use any color of tape you like for a completely custom look!


To make 4 curtain panels, all you need is a 9×12 canvas drop cloth and 11 rolls of tape (1.88 inch size) in your choice of color

You can see the glam gold curtains better in the photos above, and the application was made really simple with a bit of Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape.

Begin by cutting your canvas drop cloth in half, making it 6ft x 9 ft. There is a seam in this location already so simply separate the two sections.

Then apply your first strip of tape as close to the top seam as possible (your panel will run 6 ft across by 9 ft down so your stripes will run 6 ft in length). Once you have your first stripe in place, overlap your second strip by a tiny bit. I used the strings inside the tape as a guide and overlapped the first one.

2 strips will equal 1 stripe and then you will move on to the painters tape as an easy way of demarcating the proper stripe dimension. You will place 2 strips of painters tape in precisely the same way and then repeat with the gold. I actually removed the 2 blue strips and replaced them below my next gold stripe so that I actually only used a very small amount of painters tape to complete this and it saved a ton of time this way. The 2 strips of painters tape will stick together and you can simply restick them as a whole below your subsequent gold stripe.

Easy peasy. Once I finished both halves of the huge drop cloth, I simply cut each one in half again so that they measured 3 ft across by 9 ft in length. Done and done.

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