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It’s Friday I’m In Love: 5 Fab Side Tables

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I am super duper excited to share a few things with you today! First and foremost my long time sponsor and a fave shopping haunt of mine has relaunched and rebranded with a whole new site called DecoraUSA. The new site features tons of new products which they are uploading daily! Yahoo. Please be sure to check things out, as it’s amazing sponsors like these that help keep this old blog running at full steam! I know you all love that, so I am giving a virtual high five to the folks at DecoraUSA and I hope you will too!

Also you may have noticed this article is a bit of a new feature… You see my sweet friend Brittany of Brittany Makes has a similar feature (ok it’s exactly the same), and you guys… I liked the idea so much I am completely and utterly copy catting her! Another virtual high five for her genius… which I clearly needed to borrow from.

Along these lines I will try and post 5 of my favorite finds from around the web each and every Friday (fingers crossed, you know how I’m slow as molasses).

In honor of the new DecoraUSA site I am choosing 5 fab side tables (an updated category) from their site. Now, normally the 5 items will not be of the same variety, but for the sake of my excitement, and the fact that I am on the hunt for side tables to use in my own home (see one I purchased here), I couldn’t help myself but round up a few eye catching specimens for this Friday I’m in Love post! Yay! I guess you can see from my choices I happen to seriously love the wire base tables at the moment.

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This post brought to you as part of an ongoing series of articles sponsored by DecoraUSA.

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