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I purchased 2 sets of hardware to mount the side rails to the head board/foot board so that the bed can be easily dissembled. The instructions call for using pocket screws to attached side rails but I didn't think that would be strong enough. I assembled the full bed this weekend and it was very strong. Hardware is from Rockler woodworking online – Surface Mounted Keyhole Bed Rail Brackets. Make sure to buy two sets one for twin bed and one for full bed. These brackets do not come with screws so you will also need the screws they recommend in the details – you can get the screws at any home center. Also the 7/8″ dowel is to large in my opinion to connect the two beds together. It leaves you with very little wood support in the headboard cap rail once you drill the holes. I am going to get a piece of threaded rod approx 5/8″ in diameter and cut pieces with a hack saw to use on mine. Another nice way to paint or stain the headboard is to screw two scrap 2×6 pieces to the legs of the head board/ foot board so it will stand up on its own while you finish it. (See picture i posted below)

Lumber Used 

I decided to put 1/2″ plywood on the backside of the headboard/footboard pieces vs doing slats on both sides.┬áThis turned out really nice and hides all the pocket screw holes. It also makes a smooth surface when you are laying in bed vs. feeling the slats with your feet. Not really sure if the wood list is correct because I have made a number of trips to the lumber yard but i will have spent about $250 on wood, screws, glue etc. when it is all done.

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