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Easy DIY Faux Lacquer and Glam Striped Storage Boxes for Under $5

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This project is one of those hand to forehead type moments… you know the kind when you need a nice good smack in the old noggin because you didn’t think of this earlier? You see, I have been avoiding my home office because although it gets spectacular light and is quite spacious, it has felt chaotic and I tend to avoid spaces that feel overwhelming. As a DIY blogger, the crafty supplies flow in like water and since they are used on the regular it’s tough to get rid of them. That really only leaves one option, and that is to organize. But you guys… let’s be real. Storage and organizational items are pricey and when you need them in bulk… forget it.

I was originally thinking leftover diaper boxes would be a fabulous option to paint or cover with fabric, but those darn boxes cost around $30 each and frankly I need no less than 20 to hide the horror. Of course that priced me right out.

And then it hit me… storage boxes. And then my Mr. TDC had an epiphany…. bankers boxes with lids! Woot woot. You can purchase a box of 10 for around $18, making them less than $2 each. Perfection! Along with some super duper cheap spray paint ($.97 per bottle) and several rolls of my fave Duck Brand Gold tape, these friends might even be cute! Coming in at less than $5 a piece, 20 boxes over a couple of months is more than affordable, and the piece of mind it will give me to hide away the supplies is, well, priceless.

Spray with light coats to avoid drips and allow to dry completely.

Wrap your box with duck tape, in any color you like, and voila… donzo. See how easy that was? Sooooooo easy. And when these beauties are all in a row, they are divine. I can’t wait to show you!

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