Reader Showcase: John’s Chesapeake Picnic Table and Benches

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picnic table and benches

Had some difficulty getting the angles of the supports just right but eventually it all fit together well.  The stain turned out better than I had anticipated when I first started applying and hopefully will stand up to years of outdoor New England weather.  These are great plans and result in a very solid table and benches!

Estimated Cost


Length of Time

Four weekends


No modifications except for the hole for the umbrella

Lumber Used


Finishing Technique

Two coats of Behr transparent weatherproofing all in one finish.  Cedar naturaltone

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2 comments on “Reader Showcase: John’s Chesapeake Picnic Table and Benches”

  1. I am currently building this table and it has been so much fun so far. I am a little stuck no though. Are the half legs mite red on the end where they meet the full length pieces? I think they’d have to be for the assembled legs to fit correctly but what is the angle of the miter?

    1. The diagram showing the legs for this set of plans does show a miter of 12.3 degrees off center. However, the easiest way to handle this is to lay your legs, out on a flat surface, in an X shape that is 28.5″ high (if it were standing up), then simply mark the spot where they intersect and cut at that angle. It will likely be somewhere in the vicinity of 12 degrees off center.

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