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My Pillow Panic Mania and a CoolFit Solution

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I had this frustrating moment several weeks ago while trying to photograph my bed for the blog, when I realized I had no less one million pillows on my bed and only two of them were actually the same size and shape. Do any of you have this problem too? Ugh, it’s annoying and it makes for a very messy and dysfunctional process of trying to get comfortable at night or worse yet, attempting to make things work with the bedding I currently have on hand. I don’t exactly own 12 matching pillow cases, or even coordinating cases. While I can’t yet discard the typically unnecessary number of pillows on the bed, since I still need them for mothering this baby bird of mind, I can do a few things to streamline and improve upon the situation and I will share some of my tips with you next week!

Rewind a bit and I will tell you that when the amazing folks at Sleep Number® asked me if I might try out one of their pillows based on my personal comfort profile, a fairly custom experience I might add, I literally begged and pleaded with them to allow me the distinct pleasure of testing out two of their pillows for fear of once again adding a single solitary non matching pillow to my already rag tag group of misfits. And of course I mentioned it would be for my husband, but let’s be real folks, matching symmetrical pillows on the bed are important to me and that’s just a fact. It’s crucial to have that balance or it just feels sloppy. Am I right?

Now I will tell you that I was supposed to post this review quite some time ago, but in my typical new mama to the bird fashion, I am working in slow motion. But what a stroke of luck for all of you because if you were so inclined to desire this experience for yourselves, it looks like every single one of the pillows in this collection are all currently on sale! Woot woot. Honestly that’s kind of huge because my one single solitary complaint about this product is that for me, the price isn’t something I would typically feel comfortable shelling out for a pillow, especially considering how many I would need to ease my chaotic slumbering situation. And when I say my ONLY cause for pause, that is quite literally the truth. I don’t typically do product reviews on this site, but my experience with this particular little luxury was amazing enough that it’s worth it to me to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to chat at you for a minute about this glorious specimen.

If you are able, check out this super duper quick video on the Sleep Number® AirFit™ Adjustable Pillow. It will rock your socks off! No joke…

So I didn’t end up choosing that particular pillow because it wasn’t my personal ideal based on this short quiz, (which is definitely something you should do if you have a second, at the very least it gives you food for thought on your sleep habits) and in fact I chose the Sleep Number® CoolFit™ Foam Classic Pillow. Oddly enough it was the perfect pillow for the hubster too, so we lucked out big time that our potentially non matching pillow ideals were in fact the same! Yahoo.

Isn’t she beautiful, the image above is the exact pillow for me! Those squishy gooey waves are divine. I’m in love, and love is an understatement. We actually went out of town recently and we both brought our pillows with us so we didn’t have to use something inferior… Ha! Just saying the words ‘inferior’ and ‘pillow’ in the same sentence is something I never thought I would hear coming out of my mouth. I typically buy the cheap $3 pillows from target so I can purchase them in bulk, so inferior is quite possibly the understatement of the year. I honestly didn’t even find those $3 pillows uncomfortable, even after they have been washed 500 times. But I had never experienced a sleep luxury so I didn’t really have something to compare it to. And yes, I wash my pillows in the washing machine. That may sound like blasphemy to you, but believe me, as a house guest of mine, it’s something you can appreciate. Who wants to sleep on someone else’s drool? Even if there is a pillow cover in between… It’s still kind of ew.

So now, my 5 year old boy is actually upset that he doesn’t have one and sneaks off with one of ours, on the regular. Perhaps I should known, but in all honesty I wasn’t really focused on anything other than the match factor. I definitely didn’t expect it would become something I don’t even leave home without. Feels kind of exciting like I’m a grown up now.

Anyhow, my pillow is quite truly so very lovely and if you are in the market for an improved sleep experience, I recommend you take this quiz, then shop for your individualized pillow! Hurry while they are still on sale!

Disclosure: I was provided with 2 pillows to take for a test drive, from the kind folks at Sleep Number. All opinions, ramblings, and musings are 100% my own. 

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