Reader Showcase: John's Chesapeake Sectional Build

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This was my first project built from this site and I'm very pleased with the results! The plans were very accurate and easy to follow. Thank you for providing such a great resource!

Estimated Cost 

I used select pine from the orange big box store, which definitely added a lot to the project cost but it also saved me time by not having to deal with warped boards:

Lumber (3 armless units, one corner unit, 1 ottoman): $298.95

Stain (Cabot Semi-Transparent deck stain custom mixed color): $41.16

Total Furniture Cost: $340.11

I couldn't find cusions this size anywhere else so I waited till the end of season sale at PB and bit the bullet there. Despite this, the project saved roughly $500 or 37%.

Length of Time 

This one is tough to estimate but I would say 20-30 hours becasue of all the individual sanding and staining of each board prior to assembly. Assembly itself was very straightforward and quite rewarding to see the pieces take shape.


I followed the plans for the armless unit and corner unit exactly, but made my own plans for the ottoman. I had a little bit of trouble with the legs splitting when putting in the pocket screws so I set the aprons on the ottoman in about 1/2″ to help with this. It worked great and also added some additional asthetic quality in my opinion. If I were to build this project again I would modify the aprons on the other pieces to follow this, but it would require adjusting quite a few dimensions.


Lumber Used 

As mentioned previously, I used select pine which is FSC certified. I was very impressed with the quality of it but it does come at quite a premium.

Finishing Technique 

I used a semi-transparent deck stain from Cabot and custom mixed the color. This deck stain is supposed to protect from the weather but since this is pine, I will most likely add another layer of top coat protectant. Application was just with a brush according to the can's instructions.

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