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This room is still very much a work in progress. I was hoping to finish up last weekend, and the weekend before that, and the one before that… but life and babies get in the way of my DIY and design aspirations, on the regular! So, while A full reveal isn’t quite ready, since projects still need to be finished, I thought I might share one corner of this space that is finished, for now. At least kind of…

Much like I mentioned a little while back when I shared a corner in my nook with you, a room should be made up of many design moments. Each one of those design moments really needs to stand on it’s own. If you have an area of your space that looks good only in context with the rest of the space, it’s likely not quite finished. If you create enough design moments that you love, a fabulous room you will have made. It’s as simple as that. In a not so simple whatsoever kind of way, you know what I mean?

With small children still very much underfoot in this house, a kid friendly aesthetic is crucial to keeping my sanity. If it’s not a space the kids enjoy, it’s hard to find time as adults to enjoy it. If it’s too precious, there will be chaos… and broken things… many, many, broken things. Especially in a house full of boys (yes I am the ONLY female, including the dogs, eek). For me, a balance between live and play must be found because let’s face it, toys happen. Clever storage solutions, non-deadly furnishings, and toys that are beautiful enough to fit right in to the decor are just a few of the ways I like to handle this stage in my life. One day this won’t be necessary, and while the grass is always greener regardless of your current situation, I know I will look back on this era with such fondness, and so I embrace it.

True to form, this space of mine is eclectic, to say the least, collected over time and kid friendly with a mix of modern and vintage and a lot of color. For me, this is perfection. It may not be for everyone, in fact it’s quite likely for a very small few of you, but that’s not important… what is important is that it’s livable, and a mix of things I love. Somehow, if you stick to pieces you love wholeheartedly, when you mix them altogether, they have a way of working out. Style is more about proportion and placement than it is about the pieces themselves. Things go out of fashion, this will never change, but proper placement and proportion will always reign supreme. Here’s to hoping I didn’t at least screw that part up…

How do you deal with kids in the house? Hide the stuff away or make it work in plain sight?

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