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It’s Friday I’m In Love: Edition 7

09.20.13 By //
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It’s Friday and I’m in Love! This week is no exception to the usual, and I am coveting some amazing finds!

While the subject matter might be a bit morbid, the use of color in this painting by artist Jennifer Mehigan is anything but. The colors alone make this print have a slightly more cheery dispoition while the season of light and sun is fading away outside. As your yard prepares to lose a bit of it’s luster, nurturing plants inside is the perfect way to practice at your green thumb and these brass containers add that extra bit of style to the whole process. Since lighting is a necessary evil for any space, it may as well be cute, no? I have loved this lamp from the first moment I laid my internet browsing eyes upon it, and the variety of colors it comes in make it even more precious! When a daily life staple can be made awesome like this brass hose and holder it makes my heart sing. If it must be out in the open, it should be just a bit fabulous at the least, don’t you think? I know you all love this Dalmation fabric and pattern (me too as you might remember here), and it has been sold out everywhere for a while, until now! Yahoo!

What about you, what are you currently coveting? Do your desires reflect the the current season or maybe the one that is ending?

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