Oh Little Light Of Mine I’m Going To Make You Shine

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Can you see it? Can you see the potential in this beauty? Well, if you answered no to this question, you aren’t alone… My hubster hates it. So we are simply at odds because I see something amazing and fabulous with a retro vibe. It’s funny how differently people see things. To be fair, this baby came with some quirks that would indeed make it tough to see the potential, if you aren’t accustomed to having to see the beauty from underneath he muck. The glass shades that were barely hanging on for dear life, for example, have a decidedly countrified profile, which definitely cramps this lights style. Of course the clear packing tape, with no less than 15 years worth of grime, being used to hold said glass shades in place, might also have been a bit of a turnoff. But who am I to shy away from a little TLC. In fact, it’s those lovely little details that I LIVE for I tell you. You see when I see gunk and grime and broken pieces, I see dollar signs… and by dollar signs I suppose I actually mean a lack thereof or perhaps the virtual kind. You know… the kind you imagine gaining from an inexpensive buy and a great revamp. That my friends is precisely what I am planning on happening here. Hopefully… at least I can say that if it doesn’t work out my hubby will NEVER let me live it down. Yes, we are that couple. Ugh. The ones walking the enormous grounds of Denio’s (a.k.a. my heaven on earth), and bickering all along our merry way about the potential beauty or purpose of some item or another and where we might put said item in our home. I can tell you we pretty much never agree, but that he usually likes the outcome of whatever we come home with. Usually… although he still hates my favorite painting of Admiral So and So. You can’t win every battle I suppose. We shall see how this light fixture works out. It has such great promise and I can’t wait to get it cleaned up and installed. I have big plans for it, I tell you, big plans…

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