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Smart Thermostats Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

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This post brought to you by Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. All opinions are 100% mine.

Installing a smart thermostat is one of those fabulous, somewhat luxe, yet totally simple upgrades you can make in your home, that will increase your standard of living and make your home work for you a bit more than it already does. It’s the little things like this that make a man feel like a king…. and by man, I obviously mean mankind, because we don’t discriminate here at TDC, am I right? One for all and all that jazz.

What If I told you that what you consider smart, just got a whole lot smarter? Consider yourself told… because that is precisely what I’m about to do!

Honeywell, a global energy efficiency leader, with products and technologies in more than 150 million homes today, introduced its latest connected home innovation: the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. Yep you heard me right… voice control! Yippee…

The new voice technology allows consumers to simply say, “Hello, thermostat,” to activate and control their home’s temperature. A first-of-its-kind consumer device (supa dupa cutting edge – just the way we like it, right?), the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control uses advanced far-field voice-control technology (say what?), which means…. that it cuts through the crazy noise from your kids and dogs (and spouses) and can recognize commands like: “make it four degrees warmer” or “make it much cooler” — even from across the room.

You see, people thought it was amazing when smart thermostats hit the marketplace and offered an app that would allow you to control your temperature from the comfort of your bed, using your phone or tablet. And indeed that is cool my friends, and this unit has that too. This is huge when you walk out the door for an out of town trip and you forget to adjust the temp accordingly while you are away. It’s not a happy place to come home to when you know you will be returning to a spendy energy bill. Especially when you forgot because you were distracted thanks to your kids who were fighting or just generally freaking out, while you were trying to get the car loaded up to leave (and you forgot your purse… this just happened to me actually, I speak from experience). Now you can rest easy because you can adjust your thermostat and energy usage from anywhere in the world, despite your squawking groupies in tow. You never have to worry that your pets will frizzle or freeze when that heat wave or cold front moves and you are at work. That is some serious peace of mind, no?

But that’s not all… no there is so much more… The voice control is just one of the major features of this unit that makes it a cut above the rest. No longer do you have to wrangle your phone from your kiddo, who is likely busy playing minecraft on it, or fumble in the dark while you are half asleep to adjust the temp using the app. Nope. For someone who is fairly temperature sensitive, like me, playing the ‘one foot in and one foot out’ game drives me crazy and messes with my ability to sleep. Having the ability to command my thermostat into submission with a few bleary eyed words in the night, makes my heart sing with joy. Can you tell this has been an issue in the past? I know you know what I mean!

If you prefer to set it and forget it, you can do that too, with an easy set scheduling feature for weekly, daily, even hourly temperature adjustments to suit even your most ‘diva like’ whims. Not to mention this baby will alert you when it’s time to change your filters (cuz I know you forget sometimes) and adjust for changes in humidity and local weather.

For those of you who are design inclined, like me, you can customize your screen to match or accent your decor, as often as you like (seasonally or for holidays even). This is a brilliant meeting of the minds where form and function blend seamlessly. I just love me some cool techie gadgets and a fabulous appliance that makes life easier and that much more convenient. There are so many other features this smarty arty unit can do that I haven’t even mentioned here (crazy right?). To see what else this baby can do, click here.

 photo HONEYWELL_STRAIGHT_FINAL_zps1dc03c54.jpg

Isn’t she beautiful? This product will hit stores in early November, but is available online at Amazon, Best Buy and Home Depot… go forth my friends, and live like kings!

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