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It’s Friday I’m In Love: Edition 8

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It's Friday! I would love to pretend that that means something around these parts, but in all honesty I barely ever know what day of the week it is except that I am vaguely aware of the days when my boy has school! Vaguely… At least I can say he makes it to school on time each day, but I can pretty much call it a day with that accomplishment. It's kind of a big one afterall. 

I'm channeling my inner Fall lover this week with items that have a subtle yet rich cognac hue to them, and a bit of a gray and overcast feeling. These pieces definitely suggest a foggy day in a cooler clime and while we aren't quite that, around these parts, we have definitely been having a bit of a cool down here. Bring on the holiday season… except that means for me, 87 birthdays along with the typical holidays… so maybe I'm not quite ready for that. Forget it… let's go back to summer. 

This playa print by Michelle Armas is a bit of a tease with it's summertime subject matter yet gloomy color palette. Perhaps that is exactly what I need! Confusion… This Round Glass Bottle with Antique Brass Cube Stopper reminds me of a gentlemen's club and sitting around the fire smoking cigars, and while that has nothing whatsoever to do with me, it reminices of fall gatherings to be sure. The Angles Pillow is the perfect fall accent piece with it's yellow velvet over grey tweed design. It would be stunning on the Milo Classic Leather and Brass Lounge Chair. The Kyra Cain Large Chargers would be fabulous as a decorative addition to a fall table setting without being to obviously fall themed. Of course they are way out of my price range, already sold, and collectors pieces, it would appear, but perhaps in a dream world where I had a money tree in my backyard this would be possible… a girl can dream can't she? 

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