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Style Files: Closet Case and Inspiration

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This article is sponsored by California Closets, all daydreaming, scheming and organizational musings are 100% my own.

I've become quickly aware that my master bedroom closet needs to be moved up the list of rooms to tackle in my home. It's one of the few rooms in my house that seems to be in constant chaos, right alongside my laundry room. There is clearly a connection between the two.

I find myself browsing through the beautiful custom closets on pinterest and wishing I could magically transport one of them into my own home. I have a decently sized space to work with, and it's virtually bare bones, aside from a few wire shelves, which means I can essentially start with a completely custom closet design and create my space from the ground up. I'm not going lie though… having this essentially blank canvas has made me paralyzed with indecision. Do you guys ever experience this? 

1 // 2 There are however, a few things I know without a doubt that I want and need in my space. Take for example my obsession with the 2 spaces seen above… I absolutely adore the retail feel they both have. They give off the vibe of luxury shopping and clothing on display which is bound to make a gal feel like a million bucks, am I right? I'm not sure I would mind putting the laundry away in either of these spaces. 


1 // 2 My love for high contrast spaces apparently carries right on over into the closet because the spaces above make me ridiculously happy. I think I might need to coordinate my wardrobe with my decor so that as I display it, everything looks beautiful. Perhaps if I simply pair down my clothing to only black and white items I might actually be able to see the floor in there. Imagine how much time I would save only having to worry about a handful of pieces. 

1 // 2 The idea of floor to ceiling storage goodness (not to mention the stacks of orange Hermès boxes) makes my heart sing. A place for everything and everything in it's place, that's how the saying goes… and in these spaces it might actually be true. To have enough shelving and hooks and hangers for every single piece of clothing I own, hardly seems fathomable. Yet I know with some smart decision making and planning it's entirely possible. Even more so if I stick with my black and white idea earlier… it's tempting.

1 // 2 // 3 The mountains of laundry and shoes that live in my closet right now are overwhelming to say the least. So naturally I am drawn to these minimal closet spaces. While a wardrobe of this minute size is not actually possible for me in real life, I can draw inspiration from these spaces above in the way that they incorporate non traditional storage into what might be an otherwise fairly standardized space. Why not hang clothing from thick branches or use wardrobe racks in place of boring closet rods. A combination of custom built-in beauties with a smattering of unusual storage solutions, might be just the thing to make a closet feel unique and give it some style and interest.

1 // 2 // 3 Specialized storage solutions and easy accessibility are the final pieces of the puzzle in a really good closet design. A place to put handbags and tall boots, sunglasses and ties… the unmentionables… these all need a place to live that suits them well or these things will clutter up an otherwise fabulous space. Tall ceilings? A rolling ladder is what you need to reach those top shelves (especially at the mere 5'2″ that I am). Since a space isn't a good space without a bit of pretty and decor, leaving room for accessories and art is a must. I want my closet to be like any other room in my home only organized to the nines. I want the clutter hidden away and the items that aren't so cute, sitting behind closed doors, while the gorgeous things sit on display. It's not too much to ask, is it?

What are your closet 'must-haves'? Are they elaborate and color coded or sparse and calming?

This article is sponsored by California Closets, all daydreaming, scheming and organizational musings are 100% my own.

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