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Light Your Imagination: Editors Brunch and my 15 Seconds of Fame

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Earlier in the month I had the distinct pleasure of attending the Light Your Imagination event by Legrand in NYC. The event was to celebrate the launch of their Adorne collection and celebrate we did indeed! We had an entire day full of fabulous events and I can’t wait to share every juicy detail with you guys. It will probably take me a couple of posts to get through all of the happenings, so hang on to your socks… and let’s start at the beginning shall we?

The other lovelies I attended this event with are the fabulous Jenny of Little Green Notebook, Vicki of The Ace of Space, Kristin of East Sleep Breathe Interior Design, and Jill of One Good Thing By Jillee. I absolutely adored getting to know these ladies. You will see some pictures of us down below and in my follow up to this post, that covers the nightlife fun we enjoyed!

The Venue // The location was directly across from our swanky hotel (more on that later) and had a fabulous full wall of windows on the front. Inside, the space was bright white with exposed concrete beams and a polished concrete floors. A perfect backdrop for an event, especially one that caters to lighting accessories!

Lighting Installations // Three amazing lighting installations set the stage for our event and ultimately represented the intersection between innovation and design… which happened to be precisely what the panel discussion would focus on. An ideal conversation for a gadget and tech lover like myself. A gorgeous display of the Adorne Collection of switches and plates was such a clever way to showcase the product, which is amazing on it’s own, but of course when dangled from a metal arbor of sorts, is just superb.

The Brunch // The food being served on tray was adorable and the presentation even more so. The wait staff offered the bite sized deliciousness on trays decked out with switch plates and individual bites set inside each one. So clever. I have some pictures of this from the cocktail event (more on that later as well). The tables were beautiful and elegant, no detail was spared. There were 5 of us representing the bloggers of the nation, and we were given the amazing honor of sitting front and center. You better believe I was trying my best not to drool on myself while I was ogling Thom Filicia and the other gorgeous presenters (seriously all beautiful… funny coincidence? I couldn’t say…).

The Discussion // The panel was prestigious to say the least. In order of their seating below we were lucky enough to have:

Our Moderator: Suzan Globus, FASID, LEED AP ID+C, NJCID Chair, past president of ASID, and principal of Globus Design Associates.

Phillip Prestigomo, Director of Industrial Design for Legrand.

Suzan Tilloston, Founder of Tillotson Design Associates, and an award winning Lighting Design Expert.

Marc Kushner, AIA: co-Founder and Ceo of Architizer.com and partner at HWKN (Hollwich Kushner).

Travis Rotelli, KOHLER Design Center and brand spokesman.

Thom Filicia, Founder and CCO of Thom Filicia, Inc. and formerly of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and numerous other successful television shows, celebrated author and creative mind behind Thom Filicia Home Collection.

The discussion itself was fabulous and involved the intersection of technology and design. As a designer myself, this is something I have always found to be of the utmost importance. Of course the techie in me wants every space to have state of the art convenience in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, so hearing these people speak on precisely that had me memorized and utterly engaged!

Each of these fine people had a beautiful presentation and showcase of their recent work with an aim to do exactly that… to bridge the gap between innovation and design by utilizing technology in an aesthetically pleasing way. It’s lovely to see that spaces catering to technology or innovative materials and directives don’t all have a futuristic sensibility or look. In fact 2 such spaces we previewed during the panel were in fact very organic and filled with amazing texture and warmth. It’s not all stainless steel and bright lights, but can in fact be something with an honesty of material and natural elements.

The Aftermath // As bloggers we report and share, we document, and of course we idealize the possibilities that surround us… but mostly we do a lot of what you see above. I am doing my best Lois Lane impression, obviously, unfortunately I am fairly certain I look a bit more like Clark Kent than Lois, but whose paying attention anyhow… I had my 15 seconds of fame, posing for pictures with my bff Thom and while I tried to contain my creepiness, I’m not so sure I was successful. You know what they say… once you drool on someone, they love you forever like a brand new Cashmere Pashmina. So obviously the feeling was nothing less than a mutual love fest. Don’t you think?

Stay tuned for more on this event and some amazing shots of my hair (no seriously)… which was nothing short of spectacular!

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