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Instagramers Gallery: A Place to See and Be Seen

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This post is sponsored by Instagramers Gallery, all ramblings are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting all of the lovely folks who make this site possible. If it weren’t for them, we might shrivel up and die. And that is just so very sad (insert frowny face here).

If you are anything like me, and of course we all know you are… after all you are here visiting TDC so we obviously have a ton in common… you have very likely found that you take most, if not all, of your photos on your smarty arty iPhones and such. I certifiably do! Truth be told I find Instagram to be my jam, it completes me. It is without a doubt my favorite social media venue and I could spend hours browsing all of your lovely photos and Instagram Stalking you (totally a thing) with gusto. I know I’m not alone here, I know you do it too! If you don’t, what are you waiting for… jump on the bandwagon.

Recently, two Spain-based artists and social innovators, Phil Gonzalez and Jorge Martinez launched the Instagramers Gallery, and with it, the world’s largest collection of digital photography. It’s kind of amazing and that’s no joke. Also, it’s a bit like crack to a gal like me who loves to get my InstaStalk on daily.

Since I know you are all veritable Picasso’s with your instaphotos, you should upload your genius works of photographic art to the Instagramers Gallery and you might win a daily prize of $1000! Holla! All of the daily finalists will be entered to win a Grand Prize of $100,000. Along the way, you can see and be seen, then get your friends and fam to vote for you and you just might walk away $1000 richer. I am already browsing through my Instagram photos (you can stalk me here if you like) to see if anything looks worthy, but of course most of my pics are of my kids, my crafts, and my dogs… so… not likely. Just think how many photos you snap in a month, and how many chances to win that daily prize there are. It’s mind boggling. Yahoo.

Of course if you prefer to simply browse and enjoy the eye candy, well of course that’s just fine too. Or perhaps upload the happenings in your life and help this crazy cool collection grow even more so.and let others browse your genius.

I am thinking about my pictures in a whole new way and wonder if there is this much beauty in my own surroundings. I can’t say that I recall the evening sky ever being so deep blue, but I may have been walking around with my ‘eyes’ closed for more years than I care to think.

Sometimes it’s the beauty in the simple things that really knocks me off my socks. And also, I can’t hoola-hoop for the life of me, so already this beauty above is well beyond my abilities.

Oh those haunting images always get me. I just adore them, which is ironic since they generally revolve around doom and gloom which I utterly abhor. What can I say, I’m clearly a contradiction.

I think this concept is simply fabulous and I have been drooling over the amazing images for the last couple of hours, unable to decide which are my favorites. Several major social good and arts programs have signed on to participate as a way to show how art can change the world. This is something I wholeheartedly believe might be possible. Often I feel as though many of the world’s problems revolve around ignorance, and perhaps this kind of visual awakening on a global level is precisely the sort of thing that helps to expand our knowledge and understanding of all that is happening out there in the great wide open.

If you snap photos like I snap photos, and you love to InstaStalk like I do, this is a place you will enjoy. Go… and browse for your viewing pleasure, maybe even upload some of your own photos and win the big dollars!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Instagramers Gallery, all musings and opinions are 100% my own. 

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