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2014 Design Forecast: Predictions + Trends

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This might be the first year where my design obsessions and the current state of affairs in the design world, actually align. Fingers crossed this is so, because when the masses jump on board, it’s a tad easier to find those items I am coveting. Though this also means I am likely to tire of it a tad more quickly, since it will become style overload for someone like myself who is constantly bombarded with visual inspiration. I for one am over the moon excited to jump on the bandwagon I see coming down the line here in 2014. It appears as though I am not the only one in need of a little less fuss and a lot more calm and soothing in my life, because the movement toward more minimal styling, clean lines and fresh natural elements is beginning to emerge from every corner of the design-osphere (totally a thing).

But let’s talk specifics, shall we?

My Design and Style Predictions for 2014

This will be the year of the organic scandi-mod revival. I see this as being something of a blend of Scandinavian, Japanese, Modern, and Vintage. That might sound crazy, but I assure these styles all have some major crossover and blend quite seamlessly. Some industrial details will carry over from previous years with elements like metal and wood. Functional pieces with a nod to the past will be relevant through the year and perhaps beyond. More masculine, clean lines with simple shapes will reign supreme in the furniture arena, rather than pieces that are fussy with a more feminine detailing. Organic shapes and materials will dominate for accessories, with objects that have an geometric aesthetic, origami-esque quality, or macramé-like vibe taking center stage and paying homage to our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s era design styles as well as having a distinct Japanese flavor scattered throughout.

Let’s get even more specific shall we?

My Trend Predictions for 2014

  • Modular Shelving

Yep, so true. This year will see an uptick in purposeful choosing of a more industrial quality of shelving with modular features and adjustable functionality.

  • Marble

This started last year in a big big way and is not showing signs of slowing anytime soon. From marble patterned elements to marble topped tables, this gorgeous trend is going to be seen in virtually every home of every design and DIY blogger across the interwebs.. you just wait and see.

  • Copper

Another beautiful detail that began to make it’s foray into decor a few years ago, with lighting and fixtures emerging in this gorgeous hue, but it’s truly about to make a big big splash in the coming months. Brass isn’t likely going anywhere just yet, so don’t fret. You just have one additional metallic to choose from in your next home related adventure, and that is fabulous!

  • Abundant Plant Life

This is definitely going to be the year of the house plant. Fiddle leaf figs are already a major staple in the DIY + design blogger home and I predict this year will see other equally as dramatic choices emerge in the large plant category. Of course the hanging planters with drippy viney leaves will be another addition to virtually every space and this will be frequently paired with a vintage style macramé kind of hanging apparatus. Which of course brings me to my next prediction…

  • Fiber Art and Macramé

​We will see a continuation of this from last year and it will spill on over to the masses in no time. Everyone loves an interesting option for wall decor to pair with their more traditional forms of art and photography, and this will be a major player, to be sure.

  • Ceramics

Ceramics on display, especially of the geometric, organic, or vintage seeming variety, will grace the open modular shelving in hoards!

  • White

​Last year began with a slight migration toward white walls and ended with a bit of an excursion into the world of dark walls. I think that will stick around for a brief bit but I think for the most part the white and airy space that functions as more of a beautiful backdrop and shows off your furniture and accessories will take center stage. Look for a general lightening of the interior to emerge as the leader this year and a movement away from color and that pale gray everyone has clung to for the last several years…

  • Geometric

You didn’t think this was going away already did you? I didn’t think so… Its a good thing too because I kind of love all things geometric and angular. It makes life a bit more interesting, no? I think irregular geometric shapes, the sexy hexy and triangles will really run rampant through the year and will find new and interesting means of manifesting themselves in areas of design we haven’t seen them before. I can envision all things geometric and heart shaped popping up this Valentine’s Day. Two things you probably never imagined would pair well prior to this modern interpretation of a very 80’s revival trend!

  • Origami + Paper Craft

Be prepared to see many a creations made from paper, especially those with a geometric quality about them like traditional origami crafting produces. I also think the fringe tassels will stay strong through the year and are such a fun addition to a party as a garland or balloon fringe.

  • Natural Wood

From picture frames to furniture this light hued specimen will begin to infiltrate the ranks of the warmer and darker vintage shades and walnut blends.

  • Photography

Last year was all about the abstract paintings in colorful pastels and neons with saturated sweeps of the brush, and while I don’t think that will fade necessarily I do see real photographic art making a big entrance. Whether as a form of escapism or for adding a bit of a vintage flare to your walls, these real life images will become a hot topic for sure and will run the gamut from gorgeous ocean scenes to retro coast lines and snow capped mountains, but all will be fabulous!

  • Black + White + Pastel all Over…and some Indigo too.

While Radiant Orchid may have been the Pantone color prediction for this year, I divert wholeheartedly, in firm belief that we will instead see a surge of pastel shaded hues and the classic black and white of course. I am thinking mint will be the front runner here with some pale gray blue tones and peachy pinks playing a big part in this year’s accent colors du jour. Of course we will still have lot’s of gray and some pops of neon to pair with these more feminine colors. And indigo, indigo, everywhere I go indigo will go, go too. Yep, this gorgeous almost purple blue shade will grace us in furnishings and decor everywhere.

  • Global Bazaar

Global inspired and authentic handmade pieces in the home will still be a major player, and in fact I think we will kick this up a notch with much focus on direct from the source purchasing and fair trade producing of rugs, textiles and woven goods.

What do you think? Will you embrace any of these trends? I can’t wait… I would love to see what you think some of this years trends will be! Please share your thoughts in the comments here!

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