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Design Moments: Project TV Alcove Update + Reveal

01.07.14 By //

I kinda love that I am posting a reveal on a project you didn't even know was happening! Ya, that's how we roll here at TDC. Everything is strictly confidential these days… and it's definitely been a tad silent around the old blog lately between the new site overhaul and all of the behind the scenes work happening on that front (thank you John!) and some other gorgeous projects going on at the TDC homestead (I post occasional sneak peeks on my Instagram, if you are interested)! So I am excited to show you the first of those major projects and check this baby off the list! I should give you a bit of background on what you are looking at, because it's entirely more spectacular than it might appear at first glance. Promise…

You see, we are currently renting our home. I think we will likely buy it at some point if we are given the choice, but for the time being we are living within the confines of renting. That means no major construction, remodeling, or permanent decor decisions can actually transpire. Ugh. This ridiculous little niche is one of those spaces that doesn't want to play nicely with anything other than custom built-ins. And truthfully it actually did have a built in shelf… and in fact on it's own it was decent looking, but it was located about a third of the way down from the top and definitely not conducive to my current electronical arrangements and my need to decorate stuff.

Down that shelf came, very carefully…. I will need to store it until we either buy this baby or relocate. Since built-ins can easily be secured to the wall and removed later, that would definitely have been an option but I am just not feeling the built-in vibe these days. I much prefer the look of freestanding furniture pieces at the moment (for a hot minute at least). With such a large space to fill, and the general unattractiveness of TV's and all the jazz that comes along with, I needed some sort of fabulous wall treatment offset the ugly. I fell in love with this space and decided I could easily recreate the look in a non-permanent way, so I made my own removable wallpaper! Yep you heard me correctly! Removable, non-permanent yet completely stable and not falling down or coming up at the seams whatsoever (it was definitely questionable until I found the right method). And let me tell you… this installation was a snap compared to what installing actual wallpaper much be like, eek.

I will be posting the full tutorial this week (now posted and found here) along with all of the other juicy details in this room, that are coming together as we speak! I will also share some of the resources for this space since a few of them became clever little 'fixes' for some unexpected issues that came up during this overhaul. If we all get lucky, I might post the 'before' picture of this space. If I can track it down, that is… no guarantees on that front. eek. Someone got a little carried away with the backing up of the photos and clearing some space on the computer the other day. I won't name names, but it might have been me.

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