Reader Showcase: Jakes Old Log to Pencil Holder

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Reader Showcase: Jakes Old Log to Pencil Holder

If you have ever bought exotic lumber you find out how expensive and remote it can be, especially when you live at the end of the line. I always wanted to incorporate Mesquite in a project but the wood is hard to come by and expensive. So I decided to try and use my bandsaw as a saw mill. I got a couple of old limbs, de-barked a one foot piece, and “re-sawed” until it was about 3″ x 3″ x 5″. I also got a couple of small boards that I can use in a bandsaw box later.

I was amazed at the beauty and workability of the wood. To see what the results could be I adapted a pencil holder design for my piece and you can see the result in the picture.

So I encourage you to try re-using limbs you may find laying around especially if you live where exotic woods abound.

Estimated Cost


Length of Time

2 hours

Lumber Used

Mesquite found laying on the ground on a nearby ranch.

Finishing Technique

Only sanding.

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