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If you haven't already visited TDC today, you will be greeted with a pleasant surprise my dear friends! We are now all cozy in our new home and the new site is live! And it's beautiful… This has been a long time in coming, and as many of you who have been with me from the early days might agree, it's about time I had a big girl blog. This beauty was handcrafted, just like many of our projects here are, by Cassie of The Veda House. While this huge transformation might seem like the whole enchilada, in fact she re-branded our entire look from head to toe. New logos, new site, new business cards, new layouts, new social media images… everything! We still have a few bumps and bruises to smooth over but in the meantime I hope you enjoy our new look, and speedy fast and functional site! If you get lost or have any questions, just holler and we will pull you back on track. It will take a quick minute to get used to the new lay of the land. Something to note… for those of you who much prefer to read a blog in a more traditional format, not to worry we were thinking of you! While the new homepage looks like you see here, we added a link in the menu called BLOG and it reads in a format you are likely more comfortable with! We just gave our home a pretty new entryway, but you can still get to the meat of the place with ease! I will be sharing more details with you along with some helpful tips and tricks for navigating the new site, as the week progresses, and of course if you are reading this in your email or feed reader, you should definitely click over here and take a gander. It's worth it! Xx…Rayan

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