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It's Friday I'm In Love: Valentine Edition

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Happy Valentine's Day Lovers! You know I'm a big fan of this heart shaped holiday, but decorating for it… not so much. I do however, love a good love fest any time of the year. So naturally, I have rounded up a few of my favorite items that will spice things up whenever you like, without having a shelf life that expires the minute February 14th comes to a close. Lord knows I am late to the party every single time anyhow and my holiday decor is up for an extra month (or two) without fail, so items that work well regardless of the season or holiday is precisely what I need.

I love a good Himmeli piece, as you might have noticed here and here, so this heart shaped beauty is very likely on my list of 'must make' items. For those of you who prefer not to hurt your brain figuring this out, you can purchase this baby here. A heart shaped print is fabulous all the time, but a heart shaped print in neon or geometric is perfection, yeah? Seriously, how sweet is this lovely little striped heart pillow. It would be amazing in a nursery (or anywhere for that matter). While this heart print weekender bag isn't exactly home decor, it would be lovely as a storage bag that could be left on display and would make for the perfect bag to bring on a romantic getaway… not that I know anything about that (thank you sweet children in my life). I love a neon sign, and actually purchased this one a few months back. Perhaps I will get around to installing it sometime next year – maybe even before Valentine's Day rolls around again (not likely). Let's make out, shall we? I think a nice daily reminder to make out with your man (or woman) is helpful and a great way to keep each day happy and productive! Especially this day. If that is a little too direct for you, this sweet peach little number should be a bit more subtle but not so subtle that the message is overlooked entirely! Yahoo.

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