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It's Friday I'm In Love: Edition 11

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It's Friday! Somehow as my boy has gotten a bit older and is now in school 5 days a week, I am so much more aware of the days and that means Fridays are now something I look forward to from first thing Monday morning on. It's kind of a bummer I have to admit. I think I preferred living in bliss and completely in ignorance of which day of the week it is or even what month, much of the time. But… such is life, right?

As I have been working my fingers to the bone on some amazing projects here at the House of TDC (literally I'm afraid… bloody knuckles and all), I am dreaming about all of the things I would love to buy with the simple click of a button. Maybe if that tree right there was actually made of money, I could make it so…

I am still loving the idea of a simplified and thoughtful space at the moment, filled only with items I love and that are useful to me. This hoop mirror has my heart (even though I seem to be anti-mirror at the moment) with it's easy minimal style and unfussy personality. Maybe because I'm feeling precisely the opposite of that right now – le sigh. Don't washed linen sheets sound so utterly luxurious? Maybe if I'm more intentional with each individual piece in my home, then one day when I grow up, those pieces might become a bit more luxe themselves… maybe. Who am I kidding.. this is entirely unlikely, but a gal can dream. Gorgeous ceramic mugs are right in line with how I envision my idyllic life, which is of course nothing even remotely close to my real life, which happens to be ridiculously out of control at the moment. This gorgeous tree via Daniella Witte isn't so much a product or a find as a beautiful reminder that baskets are a fabulous planter option and a lovely way to bring some texture into a space when baskets themselves might not otherwise work or be necessary. A narrow profile, adjustable, interesting, coat rack slash ladder looking cool thing with potentially multiple uses is exactly the kind of piece I absolutely need, adore and want. But it's these oversized neon wire baskets that are way out of my price range (now and forevermore) that I am completely obsessed with at the moment. Ugh. I could fill them with so many amazing things and I just know they would make me be so organized and on top of things, I might even be 15 minutes early to every meeting and fold all my laundry for a whole week… You see how that self-bargaining thing goes… It's all downhill from here folks.

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