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I have been writing away over at HGTV and stirring up some fabulous controversy over a few of the current trends du jour. I am playing catchup here just a tad but wanted to update you lovely folks on the articles I have published so far! This topic of trends and where they came from, where they seem to be now, how they have morphed and changed this time around, and how you feel about them is one of my favorite things to talk about, without doubt. I like to think about all things cultural that lead us to these places where we embrace a style from the past. On a daily basis, most people aren't even aware (including me) of the cause and effect relationship between what's happening around us and what we are drawn to in fashion and decor. I can tell you what I long for in the winter time is so very different from what I long for in the summertime, and this is just on a personal level. Imagine how things like the economy and societal issues are bound to affect us. Of course they are, it's just not as likely we will be able to pin point the exact reason why we are drawn to a particular style of crafts or sofas without really making some serious connections and doing a bit of research. This is where my HGTV articles come into play. The series I have been writing is a Past Meets Present line of articles that usually discusses one particular decor item and it's comeback. While it's not entirely necessary to completely run through a style and it's history, I have to admit the nerd in me sort of loves to, and I have to hold back a bit to be honest. No one wants a history lesson with a side of cow hide, now do they… unless you are like me and you lost your marbles long ago.

So far I have chatted about Ceramics, Brass Fixtures in the Kitchen, Lucite, Fiber Art, and Cow Hide Rugs… I'm sure you have seen these items flood the marketplace and I'm curious if most of you are swept away in bliss with the reemergence of any of these trends or if you still have a bad taste in your mouth from the last go around. Maybe a bit of both. Some of these styles had their most recent heyday quite recently so a few of these are still likely fairly fresh in many of your minds (ahem… shiny brass builder grade fixtures or southwestern style in the 90's), so are you ready to give any of them another go, in a new modern way, or do you need a time out this time around? What are some of the trends you are seeing that you are excited about or are absolutely dreading? Can't wait to hear… I have so many more to talk about, I hope you will tune in and share your thoughts along with me. I love to hear what you have to say!

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