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Room Envy // Simple Singapore Sling + 5 Things

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Aaaaahhh yes, and yes I couldn't quite tell you if that was a sigh or a bit of a scream and this week has been like that in a nutshell. While this space and this article have nothing whatever to do with Singapore or cocktail recipes, I do indeed enjoy myself a good Singapore Sling, one of my faves actually, and the easy minimal styling of this space by Weekday Carnival has me curled up in fetal position (in my mind of course), wishing this week would hurry to a close. I am daydreaming of travel to a faraway place, exploring locales where long ago furniture designs of this nature were a bit of a necessity, and the the only thing on my schedule is a late afternoon date with generous bartender and overwhelming humidity. And maybe a fan… possibly a mosquito net as well, bugs have a bit of a thing for me. Probably all of the candy I eat.

Also as a quick side note… THANK YOU for your amazing response to this post. I couldn't be more grateful to your reaction and all of your creative ideas! Please keep them coming! I have updated the info a bit to reflect some of my thoughts in response to some of your ideas, and also in regard to my own personal drama which you will see below. So please check it out again if you haven't already and spread the word!

In light of the recent craze that seems to be sweeping the interwebs regarding the American Blogger trailer, which I have only managed to catch bits and pieces of, I thought it was important to check in during my feverish sprint to the finish line with a few of my major deadlines (can't wait to show you what I have been working on in all my MIA glory) and resume my Roomy Envy / 5 Things series to help you get to know the real side of TDC… the good, the bad, and the weird. Lot's of weird around here, but mostly messy these days. Actually everyday, who am I kidding.

You can check out the first Room Envy / 5 Things here.

Of course if you are in neeed of a little staycation, you can shop this look just below and bring a bit of this style into your own space! Now, on to my 5 things. Let's get personal shall we?

One // My house is a hot mess 99.9% of the time. This is not an exaggeration. We even have house cleaners, because if we didn't, they would haul us off to hoarders anonymous and take our kids away. But it is no joke to say that within 3 hours of having our house spotless, it's already heading down the slippery slope of doom. By the next morning, it's a wreck again. Life is messy, and having young children is messy, but life as a DIY blogger is exceptionally messy. Projects, shipments, pieces and parts are everywhere all of the time. Always. And have I mentioned I'm the only girl in the house. It's a pig sty.

Two // It's my life long dream to design products. Not just one type of product, but all varieties of things. I have wanted to do this since I was a wee little girl and I think about it constantly. From hardware to notebooks, lighting and furniture, bedding, tools, you name it, I think about it. It's all consuming, all the time… literally.

Three // The Bird (my toddler for those of you who are new here) loves to dance. Seriously loves it, complete with a little baby fist pump, which I may or may not have taught him… no comment. I foster this love of music and dancing by singing him silly songs (of course) and letting him watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua III – Viva La Fiesta, which happens to have some of the best baby dancing music around. Also, he has just recently learned to say 'movie', so naturally I help further his understanding of language by reaffirming his proper use of the word and showing him said 'movie'. One might also assume that these woofs help with a bit of the babysitting and distracting around these parts since we are in dire need of both, much of the time.

Four // The Mr. and I have been fighting like crazy over time. I mentioned that here as well, but I feel like it's at an all time high right now and I have reached a breaking point. From my perspective it seems as though he is tipping the scales in his own favor with things that are 'beyond his control' and I resent him for this. Naturally time taken in one direction is at the sacrifice of the other, and lately that has meant me. Since I have the crazier schedule at the moment, to be the one sacrificing time seems like sheer insanity and it's wearing on me both physically and mentally. I'm working on very little sleep and have only posted to this site once this week. I'm sure his perspective is different, as these things always go, but it's hard to see things clearly when you are deep in the midst of what feels like a personal crisis. I'm finding that it's hard to fight for a marriage when you spend so much time fighting for yourself as an individual, but I am hoping to learn to forgive and step outside of my own personal needs to see if we can overcome this. I just don't know how for the moment so it's a process I will have to grow into. Eek, how is that for turning picture perfect on it's head. More like falling apart at the seams around here.

Five // I have a constant slew of silly songs running through my head at every moment of the day. My kiddos know the words and the rhythms to these well before they know any proper nursery rhymes or baby songs. Both of my boys immediately start to dance when I start to sing one of my silly songs. Blake, who is now 6 doesn't dance quite as much, or at least there was a period there where he didn't, but he seems to a bit more now… but the Bird… he is totally into it and fully jams to any beats I throw his way. It's awesome, and I adore this about them. I wonder if they like this about me? It's definitely not a normal sane person thing, I don't think, but it seems I spawn kids who are equally as weird as I am (yes, just ask my family, we are weird) and I am awfully glad of that because otherwise I would be the only weirdo on her weirdo island in a house full of boys. Eek.

Image Credit: Weekday Carnival

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