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DIY Custom Modular Hanging Wood + Wire Wall Shelves with Washi Tape Trim

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This is another project in my sweet Blakey's Boho Chic room that was so simple and took literally minutes to complete from start to finish. My favorite kind… These easy DIY wood and wire wall shelves are as custom as you like and quite modular indeed. You can add on in width or height as needed and trim them out in any color you like! Here is what you need to make this project happen:


I cut my boards to 36 inches and used a rubber mallet to gently (or sort of forcefully depending on how you see things) coax the boards into the metal frames. Because I did it this way I had to ignore the instructions and hang the unit after I had my boards in place, which turned out to be much easier… I don't know what they are thinking when they create those directions half the time. This way it's a bit more cumbersome in size, but you can easily tell if you are level by placing the level right on one of your shelf boards… duh.

Once I had this secured to the studs and using wall anchors, I used yellow scotch expressions tape and ran a strip around the 3 edges that are showing. And voila… donzo. Like I said, so fast. I left the boards natural and only sanded where I cut and any extra areas that needed it. Otherwise I left those babies alone! You can use these ikea wall units in groups of 3 and run longer boards through them. They suggest they are 11 inches deep in their opening but I found that the 11 1/4 inches of a 1×12 board fit rather nicely with no movement or shifting if you simply gave them some gently nudging… Easy peasy and lovely to have some place to put things that I don't necessarily want him to grab or mess with day in and day out, but would like him to enjoy! Oh the joys of being 6, not yet a big kid and yet not that babyish anymore, unless they haven't eaten and happen to be melting down completely.

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