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The Design Confidential + Emily Henderson // Domino Mag

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What do The Design Confidential, Emily Henderson and Domino Magazine have in common you might ask? Well not a lot on any normal day of the week, unless some of you amazing folks help this girl out. You see I have been given a great honor and an amazing opportunity and I hope to do those two things justice. Do you think I can? I hope so… You see that pretty face up there? Ya I know every single one of you knows that pretty face, and rightfully so… She’s a super star and Design power house from stem to stern. Well that girl chose this girl to advance to the finals for Domino Magazine’s #sodomino contest, which is quite frankly jaw droppingly shocking and I’m utterly floored! Floored, I tell you!

So of course, there is always a but… and not the one attached to my backside, though that is also present and accounted for.. just in case you were wondering. I need your help to make good on this opportunity. I need you to vote for me. You see, I have never actually had a feature in a magazine. Nope, not ever. It is one of the things on my Blog Life Bucket List -that I have yet to actually put to paper so you will have to trust me on this one. So taking the cake in this contest would mean that I have the opportunity to be featured in Domino Magazine’s Fall Issue which again… jaw dropping and crazy if Ieven come close.

If you have a second, I’m not sure if you need to register or not (I hear if you go in through their main page then you don’t), but if you do it only takes a second and it’s painless, then maybe you will vote for me here: domino.com/sodomino

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