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My Bold + Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

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My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the House of TDC to actually complete many of the spaces in my home. Working full time as a DIY + Design Blogger quite frankly leaves your home in full time project mode virtually all of the time if your pipeline is even marginally full. For those of you who happen to do what I do for a living you know this first hand, but for those of you who don’t, this is chaotic on the best of days and completely wild and untamed when things are busy. Feeling like I have at least completed something in this house not only makes me feel a little less guilty for the sheer amount of crazy that my babes are exposed to and the oddball lifestyle that comes from being a Maker, but it helps me keep some of that crazy at bay on a daily basis.

When last we left off, I used Bing Rewards to research the perfect pieces of inspiration, furniture and art for Blake’s Boho still Boyish Makeover, and managed to rack up some major points while working doing so. This project was no exception. It takes me a while to find my inspiration and along with all the right pieces to go into a space, and I turn to the internet and Bing Rewards to find them, every single time. In the process I have managed to work my way up close to Gold Status, which is pretty exciting! I am list maker and a goal seeker so the fact that I am surfing the internet anyhow, to find inspiration or furniture pieces and accessories on a budget, makes Bing Rewards an obvious thing for me to use. I earn points toward things like gift cards to Amazon or Starbucks which I patronize often while I’m working on projects. Amazon is my go-to for project supplies and Starbucks… well have I mentioned this job is also tiring? Mama is tired… and needs some strong coffee. It’s a no brainer my friends. You can also earn points toward One Drive storage, which is something I have recently started using and I can honestly say that during the big computer crash of May, this was life saving. As in, all my photos of my babies and all my documents safe and sound and easily accessible from my old computer while the new one was being repaired. I hardly skipped a beat, but that will be a convo for another day!

In my search for inspiration, I decided I wanted to do a wall treatment that would be bold and make a statement without adding too much color to the space so I decided to use a bit of paint to create a faux wallpaper in a graphic black and white that would tie the space together and set the tone for the entire makeover. I’m pretty sure this project did exactly that. You can find the full tutorial and all the step-by-step details for creating your own Faux Wallpaper over on Domino!

DIY Projects // DIY Bold Black + White Faux Wallpaper for Domino!

Sitting Area in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

I mentioned in my latest Room Envy article that I obsess about function and this is true even for a makeover of this nature. As I overhaul a space like this and I’m thinking about making it gorgeous, I’m completely focused on adding the function my little family needs to survive without getting burried alive in clutter, toys and garbage. We seriously produce so much garbage, I really have no idea why, especially since I’m a borderline hoarder with my ‘I might use it for a project one day’ mentality. Or laundry. Though I’m still working on the laundry part of this whole scheme. I wish it could just put itself away. With a house full of boys, everything must be washable and not precious. Toy storage options and things to climb on that won’t cause your children to die need to be an actual part of the thought process, so it’s not the easiest thing to make a space pretty and keep the maintenance fairly low at the same time. It can be an all day job just to keep up with a young family so making this as easy as possible for everyone involved is an absolute must, and of course by everyone, I mean me. There isn’t much in this space that isn’t easily moved, used for another purpose, or easily cleaned when my Demon Seeds smear something sticky on it. Just to be on the safe side, where at all possible I have attempted to make those mystery sticky spots blend in with their surroundings while they wait to be found, because sometimes it takes me a while.

Chair and Pouf in My Bold and Beachy Master Bedroom Makeover

While I am in no way a girly girl, I am the only single solitary female in this entire house, and this is really the only space where it is not going to be an issue to use peach or pastels. So of course I needed to have at least one pale moment where I can have all of my girly things and not deal with the backlash of that. My color palette for this room is perhaps a bit surprising with a nice mix of drab and fab – always my go to choice for a color palette, it’s just well balanced this way. I have a nice mix of army green, pale gray blue, and peach with pops of navy and mustard all tied together with some graphic and bold black and white. It’s hard to show the palette in all it’s glory on screen, but in person it’s quite amazing.

I will be posting all of the Sources + Details early next week along with a few other projects that went into this space. Stay tuned for those… and I can’t wait to share my latest oddball obsession with you guys, there are 2 in this space and yep loving them!

I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Bing. As a member of this program I have been compensated for this post in the form of product or payment.

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