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Design Moments // A Versatile Bar Cart + Staycation Staples

07.18.14 By //
Design Moments in my Kitchen Nook with my Indoor Outdoor Bar Cart

You may have spied one fabulous little bar cart in my Outdoor Oasis Reveal a few days ago, and I’m excited to share the details about this beauty! I think my two favorite things about this cutie are that it’s actually meant for outdoor use and that I nabbed it at a serious discount from one of Wayfair’s Daily Sales. Somehow when furniture is able to live outside, but looks as if it is meant for inside use, it makes me ridiculously happy. It makes me feel like I will reap the reward of durable construction and get the benefit of using it for multiple things and in more than one spot.

Favorite Finds for a Staycation from Wayfair Daily Sales

I have the great outdoors and entertaining on my mind, and I’m determined to find myself every single possible luxury I can for my personal staycation, and I would like to find these things for as few dollars as possible! Of course…

I am a deal finder by nature. I will research the best deals on something till my scrolling fingers are tired and then start again once I have rested. No joke. I personally scour the Wayfair Daily Sales almost daily because I’m a tad cuckoo like that, but for the rest of you normal things out there, you might like to scan the daily sales headlines to see if something appeals to you and then of course do a happy dance when you find a screamin’ deal. My barcart was one of those happy dance inducing items for me and I did indeed gt a screamin’ good deal on it!

Above you can see some of my staycation staples and current faves from the daily sales that are happening right this minute. The individual links for these beauties are further down but most of these items come from the Outdoor Furniture Favorites Sale. If you are looking for some fab stuff at a great price, you are welcome to sign up for the daily sales using the email submit form below! It’s a tad addicting, but totally worth taking on a new obsession if you are in the market for anything home related!

1 // Managua Storage Box 2 // Pellier Garden Stool 3 // Heartland Chair 4 // Moorea Swinging Lounge Chair 5 // Raymond Fire Pit 6 // Cambridge Rug 7 // Molokini Chaise Lounge 8 // Indoor Outdoor Pillow 9 // Rocky Beverage Caddy 10 // Basel 9′ Umbrella

I was provided with a gift card from Wayfair, all opinions and staycation dreaming are 100% my own!

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