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It’s Friday I’m In Love // Edition 13

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Gathered Home Decor Goods Art Rug Coasters Yoyo Tray from Makers in Blue and Cool Tones for The Design Confidential Feature It's Friday I'm In Love // Edition 13

With the heat still fairly intense most days, out here in the hills of California, I find myself unable to stay away from the bold watery hues of blue and indigo. I want to surround myself with both dark and light shades that fall on the cooler end of the spectrum and can’t help but wish that Mother Nature would join me in my hopeful celebration of milder temps. The older I get, the more I realize that while I do indeed adore the sunshine and summertime activities, that I find the extremes of this time of year a bit debilitating and a definite hindrance to anything exciting happening after the lunchtime hour when the heat is on. It’s funny, but I don’t remember feeling this way as a youngster, and I don’t imagine that there is anything much that is different about the climate here, so I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Oh to be young, carefree and unconcerned with the weather once again… that is the life, isn’t it?

This gorgeous work of art above has watery goodness written all over it and I’ll be damned if these fabulous coasters don’t shout for a nice frosty beverage, and potentially a blended one at that. With an umbrella… definitely an umbrella.

Of course these hand-painted cocktail napkins, would be a gorgeous way to spice up your fiesta and throw caution to the wind when you use them as the most magnificent ‘mobile coasters’ (totally a thing, right?) or part napkin and part coaster, to help you hang on tight to your ice cold drink while you mix and mingle…

This beautiful handmade yo-yo brings a bit of nostalgia to the table and might be a fabulous take away slash conversation starter gift for your guests at your next soiree. A friendly game of who can do the ‘Walk the Dog’ yo-yo trick the best (or at all) would be the perfect silly ice breaker, no?

While we are on the subject of hand-tooled leather (you know… from the coasters above), let’s ogle this amazing handcrafted leather tray while we run our toes over this fabulously textured rug. Oh a gal can dream can’t she…

What favorite finds are you craving as the summer winds to a close? Click over to see my previous Friday I’m in Love articles and what I covet throughout the year!

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