Reader Showcase // A Swingset for Two

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Reader Showcase // A Swingset for Two

Just finished the frame! Thanks for the plans! Easy build for the wife to do.

Finished Swingset Frame for Reader Showcase // A Swingset for Two
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Estimated Cost
Length of Time

I also plan in building a canopy of some sort for the top. The only improvement I would recommend is to point out where the bolts to secure the top rail should go. You might have said and I probably just missed it. That and I used cedar 4x4s and they measure 3 3/4 where I think your plans went off a 3 1/2 wide 4×4. I’m gonna wrap a 3 inch tall peice of copper around the bottom to protect when mowing and such.

Lumber Used

Used all cedar and have several ideas for a canopy! Thank you once again

Finishing Technique
Enjoying the Swing in Reader Showcase // A Swingset for Two
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