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It’s Friday I’m In Love // Green With Envy

10.10.14 By //
Gathered Home Decor Goods Accessories Photography Horses Blanket Lighting Pillow from Makers in Green and Yellow Fall Tones for The Design Confidential Feature It's Friday I'm In Love // Green with Envy

We had rain! Two weeks ago now, and since then we have had temperatures in the upper 90’s. Ugh. I am green with envy of those places that have cooled at least slightly. While I love my summertime, more than most, I am truly a tad tired of the heat. Sunshine I welcome any day of the week, but seriously it has been a bit more than even I care to indulge in. It seems we are stuck in limbo with leaves that want to change with the season but plants that are confused and have blossomed again. It is nothing if not odd. So while I lament the absence of lovely autumn inspired greens we typically see take over the otherwise golden rolling hills of El Dorado, and the gorgeous cool mornings with beautiful fall colors hanging on the trees… I will celebrate these long lost hues by loving on some gorgeous photography in foggy tones, indoor planters with an earthy feel, and lovely accessories in all the colors I seem to be lacking.

1 // Pampa Horse Black + White Prints 2 // Sweatshirt Plaid Green Blanket3 // Walnut and Beech Double Stripe Snack Bowls 4 // Ombre Yellow Striped Coasters 5 // Light Block 6 // Hand Woven Pillow 7 // Walsh Firewood Carrier 8 // Concrete Planters

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