Builder Showcase // A Mid Century Modern Credenza for Christmas

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The Design Confidential Builder Showcase // A Mid Century Modern Credenza for Christmas

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday break! I will be checking in here and there for the next week or so, but I am trying my best to slow down a bit and detach the electronics from my hot little hands. Wish me luck…

It has been a while since we have shared a Builder Showcase and I have a long (crazy long, eek) line of projects to share with you all! This beauty was shared with me on Twitter and made me instantly jealous of the gorgeous gift this special gal would get for Christmas! The wood is stunning and the craftsmanship is just phenomenal.

In Dee’s words: Just finished my wife’s early XMas present! Thanks @thedesconf for the plans! Now to hide those wires…

And I’m sorry but could you just die over the adorable look on that doggie’s face. Equal parts curious and perhaps like he is about to get into some crazy trouble.

Thanks for sharing Dee! We are so insanely in love with your build! Xx… Rayan

If you have completed a build from our plans here at The Design Confidential, we would love to see you post a showcase and share on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter using the hashtag #BuiltTDCTuff and be sure to tag me with @thedesignconfidential or @thedesconf so I am sure to see it! I will do my best to get your crazy good work published for all of our fellow sawdust chasers to enjoy!

Psst… If you are on Pinterest you can now join me on the TDC Builders Showcase pinterest board and post images of your amazing hard work or drool over the work of others. If you are interested in joining the group board, send me an email to rayanturner (at) gmail (dot) com with PINTEREST as the subject line and your email address and username and I will send you an invitation to join me!

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3 comments on “Builder Showcase // A Mid Century Modern Credenza for Christmas”

    1. I bought the wood Fromm Home Depot. It was called “hard wood plywood”. I believe I paid $50 per 4×8 sheet, and 2 sheets gave me enough wood for the whole piece.

      One lesson learned: i would go online to or some place similar and purchase short mid century style legs they screw in from the bottom. I went through this only after the legs I built didn’t hold up the piece. I think the angles were off, but ultimately t took a really long time to make that part and for the same price of wood and way less time, I ended up purchasing oak legs that match the period of the table.

      Also- don’t forget to use glue!!!!

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