Gifted // Handmade Gift Guide for the Kids

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The Design Confidential Gifted // Handmade Gift Guide for the Kids

If you have a few remaining items to scour the interwebs for or head out on a hunt around town for, let this roundup of some of my favorite handmade gift items inspire you! There is still a bit of time to shop online if you shop local, which you can do at, but I hope these items in this gift guide will be an inspiration to remind you that it is the power of imagination and pretend that often delights the young ones most.

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The story stones seen here are the most popular item in my Shoppe to date, and I love a gorgeous modern doll house, especially if it doesn’t cost a small fortune and is something those little might be able to put together themselves since it is made of heavy duty paper products…. though if I had little gal in my life, she might have to fight off her mommy for a turn at the building, just sayin’. Anything with a cape is popular in my house, and seeing these handmade costume sets for both girls and boys makes me a happy mama. I know that bedding and art do not replace the fun gifts, but my boys love getting things that make their spaces special. It makes them feel so big and they love anything that does that for them!

What gifts or toys do your kids end up loving most each year? It is always the unexpected ones in my house, though I have gotten a pretty decent handle on it these days. I hope…

Psst… you can browse the gifted for girls guide and the gifted for guys guide and the fun gifted for spreading holiday cheer guide as well an expanded list for all four of these gift guides on pinterest here, here, here and here. I will add to these over the next many months and they should be a fabulous list of goodies to give! Yahoo.

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