Happy Holidays // My Silver Christmas Tree + Unique Easy DIY Ornaments

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You got a bit of a peak at my stunning silver tree here, but I thought I would show you a bit more because this tree is just more gorgeous than words. Or gorgeous enough for a lot of words… how about that. This stunner is the 7 foot Tinkerbell Tree from Treetopia and it is the most special tree I have ever seen. It’s funny actually because I debated whether to go with the gold or silver tree. I knew the gold would be beautiful, but since most of my ornaments and accessories in the space this tree would sit are gold, I thought the Silver would be a nice contrast. Also, if you want to know the honest truth, I thought it would be fun to take an otherwise tacky tree made of silver tinsel, and turn it into a chic bit of holiday decor. Tinsel trees are often the thing of children’s holiday decor and the small inexpensive items you lett your kids get for the fun of it. There is nothing I love more than turning a popular notion or mentality about something on it’s head. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way this went. This tree arrived and I set it up, and it was the most gorgeous thing ever. The. End.

It was a total shocker, if I’m honest. It was so pretty in fact, that I almost didn’t even want to clutter it up with ornaments and decorations. Which if you know me in real life may or may not be surprising. I am known for holiday decorating around town, but I am also known for pushing boundaries and doing seemingly oddball things like leaving a tree entirely naked.

But ultimately my true self won out and I decided to decorate this baby with natural and unexpected items like doilies, driftwood, and garlands cut into pieces… and it is glorious.

I put this beauty in a basket and the stand fit perfectly. Snug as a bug in a rug, but not too snug that it will ruin the basket once the festivities are over (in February when I get around to taking down the tree). For this 7 foot tree, it will require a basket that is at least 17- 18 inches in diameter, just in case you would to put yours in a pot as well! I used a shimmery tablecloth as a bit of a tree skirt, even though I put it in a pot, because I like the way presents look with something fancy as their foundation. This is just personal preference and obviously subjective, but if I was not going to use this tree for present stacking, I would not have given it a skirt once I put it in the basket. That might be weird, and would look like you see above.

The Design Confidential Happy Holidays // My Silver Christmas Tree + Unique Easy DIY Ornaments

Aside from the doilies I draped from the boughs, I brought in a natural and textural element to this tree with wooden laser cut tree and snowflake ornaments, that are actually gift tags from Target, paper stars that I made last year, and faux branches from who knows where a great many moons ago. I love to dip into my craft supplies and styling shelves to see what might be pretty gracing the branches of my tree. I try to see things for what they might add to the tree rather than what they are by nature and it helps me keep things interesting. I hung some faux alabaster oval shaped ‘things’ that I found in a large quantity at the thrift store over the summer. I am not entirely sure what they are (maybe one of you knows?) but they are really pretty and have a nice stone like quality to them that adds a bit of something extra special. Aside from a fairly slight amount of white and silver ball ornaments, everything else on the tree is not actually an ornament in real life. The glittery geometric dangley bits are actually a garland cut into short sections and the capiz shell garland is actually dangling tendrils from a capiz shell chandelier I bought a very long time ago and never hung. This year I used 2-3 foot sections and draped them sparingly to function a bit like a garland. Last year you might remember I cut them into 4-6 inch sections and hung them as ornaments.

The Design Confidential Happy Holidays // My Silver Christmas Tree + Unique Easy DIY Ornaments

I kept my gift wrap simple this year since the tree is so fancy and shiny. I did use gold paper and a nice stripe as well as a bit of the marble remnant paper from my DIY Removable Wallpaper Project. I made simple paper tags in lieu of frilly ribbons and over the top drapey tendrils and opted instead for layers of pretty patterns.

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