It's Friday I'm In Love // Tuesday Edition + January Reset

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The Design Confidential It's Friday I'm In Love // Tuesday Edition + January Reset

I have been trying to get this fabulous roundup of things I am currently loving, published since Friday – I'm obviously winning and firing on all cylinders, no? To be fair, it was my baby seester's birthday and we had a game of hot Yahtzee on the books, following cake and presents. I had to prepare, my friends, and work on my poker face. Also I needed to practice doing math in my head, since that is apparently my weakness. Complicated mathematical calculations and fractions are my jam, but 2 plus 17 plus 6 kind of stuff – not so much.

I am in the midst of a major life altering overhaul in every room in my home. Spring cleaning has come early this year and I am all about reducing and ridding myself of excess. Since I can't actually get rid of everything and must keep a few things, I have been crushing on stylish storage and productivity promoting goods. It is so freeing, I can't even tell you. I feel 10 pounds lighter from getting rid of clothing I have been carting around with me for the last 10 or more years.

Roundup of Organization and Storage for The Design Confidential It's Friday I'm In Love // Tuesday Edition + January Reset

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I stick to basics in my everyday life, so I figure my home should reflect that. For those things I use and want to keep, I will be upgrading many of them to higher quality goods or a more grownup version wherever possible. Since this Naturally, I am crushing on stylish storage and productivity promoting goods to help me organize and stay on task. I am a donating and organizing machine right now and this is not even a slight exaggeration (can't wait to show you my big big project – squeal – so good). If it isn't nailed down (and even if it is), it is going in the donate pile, going to live in it's forever home in a storage bin or drawer, or getting relocated and put back up with a new nail in a new spot that works better for me. The first step on the road to recovery is admitting that even though you have a complete system in place, it is obviously not working and is absolutely ok to throw said system in the virtual trash bin and begin again with a new system.

Part of that system, at least for me, is going to be adorable and durable storage solutions that look good while they are letting it all hang out. Control the chaos and consider the children – this is my new mantra. My boys make more messes and smears than I could have ever imagined when they were angelic babes in bunny suits and blankets. But they need to learn to help wrangle toys and put things away, especially if I want to have any hope that another gal will take them in when they are grown and make decent husbands of them. I'm hoping that if I make clean up accessible to them given their ages, I stand a 5% chance they may actually pick up their stuff after I rant and rave for an hour. Fingers Crossed…

You can check out my expanded curated collection of handmade Goods to promote a January Refresh and browse my inspirations to help keep me motivated and on track over on Pinterest.

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