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Room Envy // A Tall Drink of Water + 5 Things

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The Design Confidential Room Envy // A Tall Drink of Water + 5 Things

This room is everything. Really it’s more like a wall within a room, but still… soooo good. This space is like a tall drink of water in the Sahara – relaxing and serene yet filled with life, warm and calm like a gentle breeze in the hot desert sun. It draws me in like a stressed out mama to netflix with the promise of hours upon end of binge watching the last season of Peaky Blinders (so good – by the way).

It has been a while since I have posted a Room Envy article and 5 things so I thought today would be the perfect occasion! If this is your first Room Envy + 5 Things here at the House of TDC, you can read past articles here, and they are basically my chance to share a room or space that seems to represent a life or lifestyle worthy of envy and 5 things about me that you likely don’t know. A little up close and personal with a bit of pretty inspiration thrown in, so here goes…

1 // I am supposed to be at ALT this very minute and instead I am sitting here with a sad face moping about how fab last year’s ALT was, while I focus on everything I am missing out on. Ya, a pretty positive way to handle things, no?

2 // I turned 35 in November. In many ways it was unremarkable, which I consider a good thing, because it is not lost on me that I very likely seem older to younger people and I am now officially no longer part of the young adult crowd. At 35 I can’t even stretch my imagination to claim such a thing. It isn’t as if I could at 30, but I guess it finally dawned on me that I am now seen differently from the outside world than I feel on the inside. It is a weird dichotomy, to be sure.

The Design Confidential Room Envy // A Tall Drink of Water + 5 Things

3 // I get to have my wisdom teeth removed in two weeks. Yep, lucky me, at the not-so-young age of 35 I get to party like a young buck with nothing but a popsicle and water diet. Maybe I will lose 5 pounds in the process… A gal can dream can’t she?

4 // This Room Envy space is actually the inspiration for my Dining Room. You saw my unlikely nightsand turned dining room storage and display and I will be sharing other tidbits next week. I am not sure how close to the original inspiration the room will actually be, but it was a fabulous jumping off point.

5 // I am working on one of the greatest makeovers of all time, while I am chipping away at the Dining Room. It is a whopper of a before and after reveal, I can say that for sure and I am not even close to the after yet. Well that isn’t precisely true, I guess I am more than half way finished and it is incredible already. I will be sharing the before pictures with you next week also! But you have to promise not to judge… or at least not to judge to harshly, eek!

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