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Boys + Bathrooms // Trash Basket Baggu

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The Design Confidential Boys Plus Bathrooms Equal Trash Basket Baggu Solution

Boys plus bathrooms equal trash basket Baggu – trust me on this one. You see, I am a mama to two boys, which some of you may already know… and as the only female in the house, it has been an eye opening experience to see first hand what goes on in the mind of a boy. My oldest babe is now 7, and we are well past many of those lovely first stages of life learning every kiddo goes through – like potty training. At least with him, we are. When we were deep in the trenches of ridding our world of diapers, everyone had plenty of advice to spare. Which was welcome, to be sure, especially as a first time mom and as a mom of a boy which of course I have nothing in common with where it concerns bodily functions – if you know what I mean. Stand up, sit down, so many things to consider… eek. Everyone has a different method that worked for them and sorting through it all to find the gems was a bit overwhelming at times. Somehow we managed to survive the experience, picking and choosing the pieces of advice that seemed most likely to work for us (and him). What I found, once I was on the other side of that stage, is that there is a whole host of ‘things’ that little boys do and that no one seems to have mentioned anything about. Perhaps it is because they simply suffered through these ‘things’… or perhaps their children are angelic and never dared to find the sort of adventure and fun in the bathroom that I will dare to speak about today… I couldn’t say.

Baggu Bag / Sailor Stripe

The Design Confidential Boys Plus Bathrooms Equal Trash Basket Baggu Solution

All I know for certain is that when you find yourself wondering why the bathroom smells weird even after you clean, you might think twice about where you place your trash basket… just sayin’. After flipping my lid over this recurring issue in our house, I finally took drastic measures and took the trash basket out of the bathroom altogether. Until of course I realized that it’s really me who uses that sucker and that it is utterly inconvenient not to have one in there. That is right about the time my creative tendencies kicked in and I decided to put a trash bag hanging from the inside door handle. Problem Solved! Except then it wasn’t pretty when guests would come over. I suppose a little ugly is definitely better than smelly, but I always prefer to have my cake and eat it too, don’t you? And then it occurred to me that my Baggu totes are super cute, completely affordable, and very, very washable! Light bulb moment… Any washable tote of this variety will work, I just happened to have these cute guys already.

So for those of you who have boys that are young, this simple little solution is for you, and you’re welcome. You will save yourself a lot of hassle and even more frustration if you nip this problem in the bud, before it even begins! Of course if your door is too far away from the toilet, perhaps place a cute hook that hangs well out of … range?! Not sure how to politely phrase that one, but I hope you know what I mean.

Baggu Bag / Llama Black + White (Dog Pattern is Similar)

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