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Room Envy // The Well Oiled Machine + 5 Things

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I would just like to state for the record that I know absolutely nothing about the actual person(s) who happen to live in this home in real life. But in my mind, the people who live here seriously have their shit together. They stick to a relatively low key schedule that includes daily yoga and long lunches at farm to fork inspired restaurants. They spend days taking meetings with important people in their glamorous offices and their weekends are spent traveling or lounging about with small cups of coffee and the newspaper or magazines spread out carelessly across the bed. Their lives and their home run like a well oiled machine and require very little effort to maintain. In other words, the precise opposite of what it’s like in my home. There is nothing I love more than my two babes, but I do indeed dream of the day when I can have white furniture and carefree days spent in leisure… and tiny cups of coffee that don’t have to be reheated 47 times and added together into a huge cup of coffee, just to survive the day.

If you are new to the Room Envy series, you can catch up right here. Basically this column is a way for me to share a space that is inspiring me while I give a fictional commentary about the people who live in it and then in turn tell you 5 things about me, my life, or my family that I bet you didn’t know. It’s my way of keeping it real without turning into a mommy blog or a fashion blog… perhaps the first item of note would be my sarcasm since the latter of those two blog types is slightly laughable…. says the gal wearing yoga pants and sawdust.

One // This cute guy and this cute guy have decided to become roommates. This has been an interesting transition and not one without some interesting hurdles. I will share more on this soon.

Two // Item one above has left me mourning the fact that I never had a fully finished nursery space for Penn. He wouldn’t lay flat for the first ten months of his life (not an exaggeration) so naturally he didn’t sleep in his crib until he was nearly 11 months old and quite honestly life got in the way. Now here we are with him on the verge of boyhood and I fear I have completely missed that window of opportunity.

Three // I am slowly learning that when your kids start school and begin to make new friends, that it isn’t only them who must do this new friend-making. This seems to be the case when your kids are still really little and especially if they are boys. They just aren’t able to navigate that whole play date thing all that well on their own and gone are the days of home phones so as a parent this falls to us. I have to say it does feel a bit like grade school all over again, but luckily I have met some amazing moms along the way!

Four // If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know this… but a few weeks ago I started a 108 day yoga program. I can happily report that with my wisdom teeth and of course life happening, that I have successfully completed about 7 days worth of yoga in the last few weeks. But those 7 days were the best and worst days ever so I feel positive about how things are going (sarcasm again). Once I get the green light I am super excited to get back on schedule because it is the greatest ass kicking yoga I have done in a very long time, except the stretching sessions… bleck. I like to feel the burn and I have the attention span of a gnat, so those are hard for me.

Five // I started watching Arrow after I heard mention of it from this cute gal, and I’m totally hooked! Soooo good. I like all kinds of tv from the period dramas to the ridiculous reality shows and so naturally I consider myself an avid fan of the person who invented that sucker. But seriously, it’s a super duper good show and it will hook you right in!


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