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The Smoking Gun // A Cocktail Recipe that Packs Some Heat

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The Design Confidential x Bernzomatic | The Smoking Gun Cocktail Recipe

If you have ever wanted to turn up the heat on your cocktail game, with a few safety precautions… just in case… it is much easier than you might think. It will definitely take your mixology to the next level.

I give you my latest cocktail creation, made specifically for the use of my fave Bernzomatic Micro Torch and a fabulous intro into the world of Flammable Cocktails. For a Bourbon based cocktail, see my Damrell’s Fire recipe. The tutorial for making your own copper rimmed nesting platters can be found here.


Bernzomatic 3-in1- Multi Torch + Butane

1 Oz Coffee Liqueur

1 Oz Vodka

2 Oz Half + Half

6 Oz Club Soda

1 Tbsp Amaretto Liqueur

Dash of Cinnamon

The Design Confidential x Bernzomatic | The Smoking Gun Cocktail Recipe


Fill a Double Old Fashioned glass with ice.

Pour in 1 oz Coffee Liqueur, 1 oz Vodka, and 2 oz Half + Half. Fill most of the remainder of your glass with club soda, leaving ¼ inch to spare. Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon on top but do not mix.

Slowly add a float of Amaretto by pouring ½-1oz of Amaretto over the back of a spoon near the edge of your glass. This will help spread the Amaretto and keep it light which will help it remain near the top of your drink.

Using your Bernzomatic Torch, carefully light your Amaretto float and run your flame over the cinnamon to lightly toast. Watch it become your smoking gun.

TIP // Ensure your work area is free of excess alcohol and any other potentially flammable items before you ignite your torch. Take all safety precautions when playing with fire. Burning down your house, for the sake of a fabulous drink experience, would be a terrible idea.

This recipe was created in partnership with Bernzomatic and is part of an ongoing series of projects here on ‘le blog’. Thank you for supporting the awesome-sauce brands that help bring fresh and fun new projects like this to The Design Confidential. I heart you guys!

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