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Going Green

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The Design Confidential Going Green

It has been far too long since I gave a nod to chic decor and party picks in shades of green without mention of a Christmas theme. They say green is the most universal color and while I am sure that is true, I find many shades of green a bit hard to fall in love with. Of course those I do like, I tend to adore… It is awfully convenient that St. Patrick's Day is upon us and we have the perfect excuse to go green and spice things up a bit – literally – like with a spicy green bloody mary… Yahoo for that.

If you want to go green but only want to dip your toes in that pond and partying like it's St. Patty's Day in a college town isn't quite your thing, then perhaps some of these ideas are just the right amount of fun for you!

The Design Confidential Going Green

Any excuse for a bloody mary is a good excuse in my book, but a lack luster love for green beer would certainly top the list. This green bloody mary recipe over on Domaine Home sounds just amazing! I can't wait to give it a taste test.

The Design Confidential Going Green

Go green by adding a little living greenery to your home and yard. 90% of my plants are this variety and the selection and quality is just so good.

The Design Confidential Going Green

If the idea of live greenery scares you, perhaps the faux variety in the form of a gorgeous print is more your speed.

The Design Confidential Going Green

Put a pillow on it! A tropical vibe inducing variety is always great to add to the mix. Besides, it looks like greenery of the tropical and living kind, so really it should just blend with your decor regardless… like plants do.

The Design Confidential Going Green

I'm completely obsessed with this gorgeous wallpaper. It has me seeing green, both literally and figuratively…. Not entirely sure the mister will love it as I do, but who knows… he just might surprise me.

Are you celebrating with gusto on this green occasion or do you lay low like this old gal with young babes at home? Is green on your radar this spring or do you love it all year round? Happy St. Patty's Day to all my Irish kinfolk, be safe out there in the great wide open!

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